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Fast Food Week!

Here we are again… And this week, there’s news about OREO’s flavours to come, McDonald’s final decision on plastic versus paper straws, a questionable Starbuck’s alternative to straws, and a definitive policy statement from Starbuck’s on who can sit in their stores without buying anything…

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McDonald’s shareholders nix change to paper straws…

McDonald’s was recently petitioned by activist group SumOfUs to replace plastic straws with paper ones – or some other alternative – to help end the flood of waste plastic into the environment. The shareholders, earlier this week, rejected the call to make the change worldwide, saying the company told them it was working on plastic alternatives already and that they should reject the SumOfUs proposal.

Nevertheless, 1,300 McD’s locations in the UK are standing by their decision to ditch plastic. Sounds a little odd to me. Is McD’s for plastic or against it? And why? No word from the mega-chain, but I’m betting it has something to do with how long it would take to make the switch, how effective paper straws would be in, say, Shakes, and McD’s massive contractual obligations with suppliers of plastic straws which could cost McD’s millions to cancel. Americans alone currently throw away more than 500 million plastic straws each day.

…Starbucks goes to ‘sippy cups’

Starbuck’s is approaching the plastic straw controversy from another direction. The premium Coffee chain will soon begin offering ‘sippy cups’ as an alternative to plastic straws for its cold beverages. The new lid, which cites standard take-out cups, was quietly introduced last year to allow customers to enjoy the foam on top of their cold beverages without removing the lid and risking spills. Trouble is, the ‘sippy cup’ lids are also made of plastic. Hmmm…

You can now officially sit in Starbuck’s without buying something

Starbuck’s corporate headquarters made an official statement earlier this week, that patrons need not buy something to earn the right to sit in their stores. The chain came under intense fire last week when two black men were arrested simply for sitting in one of their stores, waiting for a business associate, but not ordering anything (yet). Now, in an official news release, Starbucks has laid out its policy on who can sit. There are four cardinal rules: Use spaces as intended, be considerate of others, communicate with respect, and act responsibly. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

More OREO flavours on the horizon…

OREOs will launch a collaboration with Disney, celebrating ‘Mickey Mouse – The True Original – 90 Years of Magic’. It’s Mickey’s Birthday Cake with icing between two Mickey-embossed Chocolate Cookies. And it’s just one of six new flavours coming at different times over the remainder of this year. Also in the hopper: Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake flavor, Rocky Road Trip, Peppermint Bark, Pistachio Thins, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. All for a limited time, of course.

KFC gives away Colonel Floaties for summer

KFC is giving away ‘several hundred’ floating chaise lounges in time for the Fourth of July. Why so special? They’re sculpted in the shape of the Colonel. And they have special sockets for a bucket of KFC and a drink. You can’t buy one, but you can enter the contest now at Winners will be announced on June 23.

And that’s the skinny…

…on what’s making us fat. More next Saturday, as usual!

~ Maggie J.