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Fast Food Week!

All that’s on the news this morning is coverage of the Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan. But the fast Food world has much more, which may be of greater interest to some of us than the wedding. Actually, not me. I put off compiling Fast Food Week to see the wedding…

Dunkin Royal Love Donut - © 2018 DunkinsThe Dunkin’s Love Donut – in commemoration of the Royal Wedding.
(Carriage and horse not included.)

Krispy Kreme celebrates a runner-up

Krispy Kreme recently announced that the winner of its latest flavour contest was Lemon. But The Kreme is also rolling out a Blueberry Glazed doughnut. Blueberry, we’re now told, was close runner-up to Lemon in the contest. It gets the new purple icing on both bottom and top and is available from May 21-27 at some 285 participating locations across the U.S.

Man ignores fist fight to order McDonald’s

A guy – a food blogger, actually – was ordering at a McDonald’s near him this past week, when a fist fight broke out a few feet from his spot at the self-service kiosk. So entranced was he with the kiosk (or so it appears) that he didn’t stop ordering while recording the end of the fight  on his phone cam. No word what the fight was about, but it took a couple of managers – one of whom put a miscreant in a choke hold – to break it up. Blogger Tony Moll may have posted his video with tongue in cheek, as at least one other blogger had suggested. But he certainly seemed confident that the burly managers of his McD’s had the situation under control.

M&Ms announces a flavour for fall…

M&Ms has been launching new flavours helter-skelter this past year, trying to keep its brand presence prominent among a large group of other Candies which have been aggressively announcing flavours and partnerships with other, related types of food (like breakfast cereals) over the past year or so. This fall, they’ll launch White Chocolate Peanut M&Ms, top partner with While Chocolate regular M&Ms, released last fall. What’s next? Who can say?…

Sweet Tarts muscling in on the Licorice business

Sweet Tarts, known for their distinctive, signature sour lozenge Candies, have launched a  new Licorice rope product called Tangy Strawberry. If there are other ‘tangy’ Strawberry Licorice Ropes out there, I’m not aware of them, much less have I trued them. But if you savour sour and crave chewy, these new treats are right up your alley.

Buffalo Wild Wings débuts Sweet Wing Sauces

Salted Caramel BBQ and Korean BBQ Sauces will be around for the summer, at least. Other summer menu specialties include: Over The Top Nachos, a Signature Sampler, a Monster Pulled Pork Chicken Cuban, a Smothered Cheese Steak Quesadilla, and a traditional BBQ Chicken Sandwich. BWW has been a lot more active on the menu change-up front since it was taken o0ver by Arby’s!

And, getting back to the Royal Wedding…

Dunkin’s is offering a heart-shaped, Chocolate coated, Strawberry Jelly-filled Royal Wedding ‘Commemorative’ Doughnut today and tomorrow only at participating outlets. It’s topped with a drizzle of White Glaze, maybe as a reference to the bride’s veil…

And that’s the skinny…

…on what’s making us fat for this week. See you all in seven for another installment of Fast Food News!

~ Maggie J.