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Fast Food Week!

You are entering a realm outside of time and space, a realm of the imagination. A place we call… The Fast Food Zone’! Okay, seriously… We have word of some new limited-time offers this week, a new flavour from M&Ms, a new stuffed Crust Pizza from The Hut and new BK Frosty Frozen beverages for summer…

Plastic Straw - © 2018 McDonaldsAmericans throw away more than 500 million plastic straws each day…

McDonald’s to replace plastic straws with paper

They’ve already got that program on the rails ion the UK and it could be coming to North America soon. Environmental website says Americans throw away a staggering 500 million plastic straws a day… And that’s made them one of the top ten polluters of our oceans. The sit predicts that, unless recyclable/degradable paper straws are reinstated on a massive scale, there will be more straws in the seas than the are fish. So… Until your fave fast food chain changes over from plastic to paper, recycle that straw, and the plastic lid it’s stuck into.

Pizza Hut opens corporate museum…

The hut opened its original location 60 years ago… and that spot, now part of the Wichita State University campus, is re-opening as a showcase for the chain’s history. The first Hut, created by brothers Frank and Dan Carney in 1958, closed some years ago and the building was relocated to the WSU campus. It’s now part of the school’s Innovation Center. Inside, you can see video presentations chronicling the Hut’s history, priceless Pizza Hut promo trinkets and a bust of Pizza Pete, the chain’s first mascot. You can even take selfies with him. The museum opens to the public this coming Monday. Admission is free.

…Releases new Stuffed Crust version of the Pan Pizza

The Hut has tried just about every way to put a Stuffed Crust on a pie. But, now, they’re bringing one to their signature Pan Pizza. The Double Cheesey Pan Pizza features a melted Mozz-stuffed rim on its toasted Parmesan Crust, and comes sprinkled with Parmesan and Oregano. You can get the Stuffed Crust on the Pan Pizza of your choice. They haven’t said it’s a limited time lffer, but we’re suspicious that it might disappear after a month or so…

Wendy’s challenges Burger King with ‘Two for $6’ deals

BK has been offering what it calls its ‘Two for $6 Mix or Match’ deal for some time, and it’s apparently been a winner with diners. Now, Wendy’s is stepping up with its own version of the deal, featuring your choice of any two of: Dave’s Single, the Homestyle Chicken Sandwich, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich or the 3-piece Chicken Tenders. And, yes; like most really good deals in the Fast Food world these days, it’s for a limited time only.

Arby’s brings back Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches

Yes, the Bourbon BBQ was sorely missed when it’s last limited time release ran out of time. But, now,it’s back, again for a limited time only, again.You can request Chicken, Steak pr Brisket on your Bourbon BBQ, and they can also be ordered as Triple Stacks, for the biggest appetites.

Arbys Bourbon BBQ - © 2018 ArbysGet the Bourbon BBQ Sandwich with Steak, Chicken or Brisket…

All versions of the sandwich feature: Brown Sugar Bacon, Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce, crispy Onion Strings and Cheddar Cheese.

BK pours new frosted bevs for summer – if it ever comes

We in the Frozen North are still waiting for spring, let alone summer to arrive. We had snow one day last week. Really. But if summer ever comes, I’ll be first in line to try the new Frosty Frozen drinks at Burger King, new additions to their Icee line. They consist of a  mix of Frozen Coke or Fanta Lemonade slush and Vanilla Soft Serve. Purists can get them without the Soft Serve, if desired.

M&Ms offers ‘Orange Creamsicle’ flavour

I guess they couldn’t swing a deal to use the ‘Creamsickle’ name, ’cause they call their new flavour Orange Vanilla Cream. But they have a picture of a generic creamsickle on the package. The candies feature eiher an orange or white shell filled with white chocolate. The trick is, they’re only available at Dollar General stores, for how, at least. Get two 8 oz. / 226 g bags for (US)$6 or one for (US)$3.25. While they last, we presume.

‘Healthy’ protein-based popcorn is coming

Protes, the people whose goal in life is to make protein fun, started their protein-heavy line of recreational foods a few months back, launching their take on Corn Chips, based on Pea Protein. Now, they’ve got Protein Popcorn for you. The new product packs 10 times the protein of normal Popcorn using Whey Protein. It’s Gluten and GMO free and comes in a range of flavours including Sweet Cinnamon and White Cheddar. Find out more at the website.

And that’s the skinny on that’s making us fat this week…

Get out there and grab those limited time treats while you can!

~ Maggie J.