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Fast Food Week!

Here we go, cruising the main and dropping in at some of the biggest and most-loved Fast Food joints to find out what’s new. We have news from Costco and Kraft Heinz on the spread/condiment front, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell on the Chicken front, and Cocoa Cola on the beverage front…

Mayochup - © 2018 HeinzKraft Heinz Mayochup: After testing in Europe, 680,000 folks voted to
bring it to North America. But why not just make your own?

Kraft Heinz introduces Mayochup

That’s simply Mayonnaisse mixed with Ketchup. It’s the latest condiment ‘innovation from  the food giant, but he fails to impress me. Why would they want to sell a single bottle of Mayochup when they could be marketing blend idea as a way to get people to buy a bottle of Ketchup and a bottle of Mayo? Sounds like they’re counting on lazy millennials and others to buy all three bottles, just to avoid the ‘hassle’ of having to blend the sauce themselves. Ridiculous. But I’m sure there are those who will, in fact, buy all three bottles!

Costco enters direct competition with Nutella knock-off

The retail giant has introduced a new Hazelnut Spread that is a dead ringer for the pricey, imported Nutella that so many love so much. In spite of its alleged unheathfulness, Nutella remains a novel treat and millions of folks buy it every week regardless of the price.

At the centre of the healthfullness debate is the large amount of Coconut Palm Oil in the recipe. Coconut Oil has been deemed one of the least healthy ingredients food processors can put in their products. It also contributes to he product’s overall heavy calorie count. Now, though, you can get two 33 oz. / 1 L jars of Kirkland brand Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa for just (US)$7.99.

Connoisseurs who’ve tried the Kirkland spread say it’s almost exactly the same as Nutella, but has a slightly less rich mouth feel. That may be because Kirkland uses lighter, healthier Sunflower Oil instead of Coconut Oil.

‘Crispy Colonel’ may sound a bit odd, but it also sounds delicious

KFC kicks off spring with it’s new Crispy Colonel sandwich, featuring features a crispy-fried Chicken Filet, Pickles, and Mayo on a plain Burger Bun. haven’t we seen this before? Under another name? Meanwhile, KFC is also rolling out new Signature Flavors Sandwiches using the same Bread and M as the Crispy Colonel, but topping it with your choice of a choice of Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, or Smoky Mountain BBQ sauce.

BK brings back Spicy Chicken Nuggets

For a limited time, at participating locations, Burger King is bringing back Spicy Chicken Nuggets. It’s part of a deal under which you can get 10 Regular or 10 Spicy Nuggets for jut (US)$1.99. Of course, it’s for a limited time only.

Taco Bell changes up $5 Savings Box with a Chalupa Supreme

The Bell is updating its $5 Savings Box swapping out the Gordita Crunch in favour of the less expensive Chalupa Supreme. Maybe the more-expensive Gordita version was getting too expensive to offer in the $5 Savings deal… Nevertheless, the deal contains: a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, a Crunchy Taco, Cinnamon Twists, and a medium Fountain Drink. All that purchased separately would cost around (US)$9.00. So, regardless of whether its a Gordita or a Chalupa, it’s a really good deal!

Cocoa Cola tests frozen pouches in Japan

Cocoa Cola is a favourite on-the-go beverage and millions of folks a day buy it in take-out paper cups for just that reason. But what if you want to go now, and have your beverage later? Coke is testing frozen pouched of Coke and Fanta products in Japan, where everybody seems to be on the go all the time. The packages feature drinking spots with secure resealable caps for beverage rationing along the way.

They asked and you voted: Krispy Kreme Lemon Glaze coming soon

Krispy Kreme asked devotées to vote for it’s next special flavour. Lemon Glaze won by a landslide. The doughnut will be available for a very limited time, from Monday, April 23, 2018 ’til Sunday, April 29. Get ’em while they’re hot!

And that’s the skinny…

…On what’s making us fat. See you here again in seven, with another episode of Fast Food Week!

~ Maggie J.

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