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Is Solid Ketchup ‘A Condiment Too Far’?

My  first reaction, when I read about this ‘new idea’ in condiments, was, ‘Here’s another product somebody created just because they could. Do we really need it?’ But, after some consideration, I think it might have a legitimate role to play in the dining universe. The Twitterverse resoundingly disagrees…

Slice of Sauce On Burger - © 2018 Slice of SauceThis is how a Slice of Sauce Ketchup slab looks on a sandwich.
Not all that appetizing, in my estimation…

They call it a Slice of Sauce. It’s a slab of ‘Ketchup Leather’ that comes in a sealed pouch and it’s claimed to be just the right size to stack on a Burger. I guess you either tear it in half or fold it over to go on a Hot Dog. Anyway.

The product is the brain child of Bo’s Fine Foods. They have a website for their Slice of Sauce product but the corporate online presence is on Facebook.

Outrage in the Twitterverse

Many foodies who commented on the new product on Twitter did so in the negative:

“World’s worst fruit rollup” – @molratty

“A ketchup slice is called a Tomato you dingus” – @feytastic

And one commentor simply said:

“This is… horrifying” – @ RitaPanahi

But there’s method in Bo’s madness…

The idea behind solid Ketchup is that it won’t drip or spurt out when you eat your Burger or Dog. That means it won’t ruin your clothes or cause embarrassment. And I can support that. I could also support a Slice of Mustard product on that basis, if and when Bo’s gets around to it.

But I don’t know what it tastes like and I’m not sure I’m psychologically ready to walk into a restaurant and be served a ‘slice’ of ketchup on my meal. Maybe it’s just me, but, somehow, the idea smells a little funny, and it just looks cheap and phony compared to a good slather of ‘fresh’, juicy liquid Ketchup.

Enough negativity. I’m content to wait and see how the whole thing pans out.

Want to get in on the action?

Bo’s also has a Kickstarter campaign going to fund the project. They asked for (US)$15,000 initially to get the product going, and to date have already surpassed that goal by about 25 percent. You can still get in on the ground floor if you want to, though. Donors who pledge (US)$10 or more will get a free packet of 8 Slice of Ketchup slices. And the more you pledge, the more free slices you’ll get. The details are all on the Kickstarter page.

~ Maggie J.