Fast Food Week!

It seems like only yesterday I was telling you about Taco Bell’s new Toasted Cheese Chalupa shells, KFC’s UK gravy shortage, and the great McDonald’s Black Market Mulan Sauce Caper. Now it’s time look back at another full week of Fast Food News and bring you the sizzling highlights!

Pizza Hut Pie Tops - © 2018 Pizza HutPizza Hut Pie Tops 2.0: Some are (were?) actually for sale as of yesterday…

More bad press for Papa John’s

After we announced last week that Papa John’s had been replaced as the Official Pizza of the NFL by Pizza Hut, we thought that long, sad story of the feud between former Papa John’s CEO and fonder John Schnatter and the league was over. We were wrong. This week, we hear that NFL icon Paton Manning sold his string of Papa John’s franchises just days before the sponsorship change was announced. Does ‘Papa John’ Schnatter have no friends left?

IHOP gets into the ‘wear’ game

The International House Of Pancakes is getting into the logowear game with a limited edition line of Pancake-themed pyjamas. But it’s not just a mkoive to geth their brand talked about. The company is promoting a 60 Days of Giving initiative celebrating the chain’s 60th year in business. For a limited time (i.e.- 60 days), half the proceeds from all Pancakewear purchases will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You can buy Pancakewear, including jammies, onesies and socks, at the eBay charity site. IHOP is hoping to raise (US)$5 million for its charity.

Pizza Hut Pie Tops sneakers are back

Prestige sneaker purveyors Shoe Surgeon have once again been enlisted by Pizza Hut to create a new generation of Pie Top hut-themes runners. They come in two colour options: Bright Red or Pizza Box Brown. And, this time, they’re for sale to first-comers. The big rubber Pizza Hut Logo on the tongue of one shoe will once again allow you to order pizza at the touch of a button, as long as you synch your smart phone with it. The button on the other shoe will pause your TV while you order. Really. If you subscribe to one of a select group of TV providers. Fifty pairs went up for sale yesterday at HypeBeast’s e-commerce site.

Kraft Heinz introduces fast Scrambled Eggs for home

It’s not really a Fast Food, in as much as you make it yourself at home. But it is fast and that’s the point. Been disappointed with what comes out when you try to microwave Eggs? Kraft Heinz has a product for you! It’s a noodle bowl-looking package with everything you need for great Scrambled Eggs. Just Crack An Egg is the name and the preparation instructions. And that’s what you do. Crack an Egg into the bowl, stir and mic. Comes in four initial varieties, each with different Meats and Veggies. Look for it beside the Eggs, in the Dairy cooler…

DQ brings back a March favourite

Yes, it’s March, and that means St. Patrick’s Day. And that means Dairy Queen’s iconic, bright green Mint Oreo Cookie Blizzard is the flavour of the month. This year, they’re calling the Mint flavour ‘Crème de Menthe’. We’ll see.

And… Plan now to celebrate National Pi(e) Day this Wednesday!

Every year, Pizza fans celebrate their munch of choice on  National Pi(e) Day, March 14. That’s 3/14, for you math fans. Keep your eyes peeled for one-day specials at your fave Pizza spot and watch out for celebratory gestures buy other pizza slingers!

And that’s the skinny…

…On what makes you fat for this week. We’ll have another full week’s Fast Food News picks right here, in seven…

~ Maggie J.