Heart Shaped Pizza - © idiva.com

Valentine’s Day Specials Abound!

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, and it seems that no restaurant chain is letting the opportunity go unexploited. I’ve performed a quick, admittedly non-exhaustive survey of the big name joints and the Valentine’s Day specials they’re offering – which range from cute to campy to crazy!

Beef Wellington - © Warren NashOr better yet, just stay home and enjoy an intimate Valentine’s supper together…
Individual Beef Wellington: Be sure to garnish with a heart-shaped Pastry decoration!

What better way to show your undying love for your sweetie than to get her a heart-shaped Pizza? You can order one from Papa John’s now through February 14. Prices vary according to what kind of crust you want and how many toppings you desire. Pizza Hut is also on this bandwagon.

In short… Bagel joints have Heart-shaped Bagels, Pretzel places have heart-shaped Pretzels, and southern themed joints have heart-shaped Biscuits.

Starbucks is offering a selection of Valentine’s themed specials, including a Cherry Mocha and a Cherry Mocha Frappuccino, a Confetti Hearts Cake Pop and a heart-shaped Sugar Cookie.

Buffalo Wild Wings will sprinkle your order of Boneless or Traditional Wings until Valentines Day. It’s not really gold, of course, but a sparkly, golden yellow crystallized Sugar. Nevertheless… It’s pretty sweet!

Popeye’s is rolling out a limited time special on what it calls Sweet Heat Butterfly Shrimp. They are simply Butterfly Shrimp liberally crusted with a Spicy Batter. And they do look like little hearts…

And… TGI Friday’s is offering a rich dark Red Velvet Cake with sparklers as a Valentine’s dessert. The cake is thickly layered with Cream Cheese Frosting and topped with red and white Sprinkles, topped with Whipped Cream, and served in a bowl of Strawberry Fizz Candy Clusters along with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Better yet…

Look up my classic Kir Royale Champagne Cocktail recipe. Whip up a tray full of Valentine’s appetizers using Smoked Salmon Roses on little beds of Herbed Cream Cheese, on Triscuit, Melba Toast or thin Baguette croutons.

Use store-bought Puff Pastry to make easy Individual Beef Wellingtons and garnish each with a heart-shaped pastry medallion.

Serve Mini Potatoes Anna, arranged in individual heart-shaped clusters, and Braised Asparagus, which you can form into hearts if you really, really want to. After all that prep and cooking, you’ll want to streamline dessert…

Bring home an appropriate cake from the Bakery Department at the supermarket or, if you’re lucky enough, from your neighbourhood bakery. Whatever is in the cake, top with a tight crust of fresh Strawberries. Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream or Whipped Cream. Congratulate yourself on a Valentine’s Day well celebrated. On the culinary level, at least…


~ Maggie J.