McD’s Breaks Into Super Markets!

It’s a little bit mainstream, a little bit Fast Food Roundup… But the topic of today’s post does, I think, bear a separate post. I speak of the long-awaited (by McDonald’s fans) move by the burger giant to ooze out into the homes and supermarkets of the nation, marketing its signature sauces…

McD's Bottled Sauces - © McDonald's CanadaMcDonald’s Canada is bottling its signature sauces
for you to take home…

Big Mac, Fillet o’ Fish and McChicken fans will be delighted to know that their long-held wishes – to have McDonald’s signature sauces available to take home – have been granted. The three famous sauces will soon be availabl, in regular-sized 355 mL plastic squeeze bottles, at McDonald’s locations and, later this year, at selected Canadian Supermarkets.

For those not yet in on the secret, Bic Mac Sauce is McD’s version of Thousand Islands Dressing. Fillet o’ Fish Sauce is McD’s take on Tartar Sauce. And McChicken Sauce us McD’s version of Mayo.

McD’s tested the take-home sauces in the U.S. a couple of months ago, so it stands to reason that the Canadian rollout will soon be followed by a much bigger one south of the border. They’re probably just waiting or their manufacturing partners to gear up to meet the expected mammoth demand…

~ Maggie J.

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