Fast Food Week: Industry News Roundup

Taco Bell Potatorito - © Taco Bell

It’s that day again! We’re looking at the past week’s Fast Food industry announcements, launches and newsy bits. We’ve got some truly savoury new sandwiches from three players plus a couple of stories involving FFW regulars, Starbucks and Chipotle’s. And the news there is not good…

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Menu Madness: Breakfast Ramen?

Breakfast Ramen - Detail © Josh Elkin via Instagram

You’ve probably tried a quick bowl of instant noodles for just about every meal and snack in the daily rotation. But I’ll bet you haven’t had it for Breakfast. Now, a crazy food blogger has come up with a recipe for that he calls ‘Breakfast Ramen’ and I have some issues with both the idea and his execution…

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Juicing: The Pros And Cons

Grape Juice - Detail - ©

We’re told, almost daily, that Sugary beverages, like Soda, flavoured Milk and sweetened Tea and Coffee are bad for us. Excess Calories and the tendency – we’re recently advised – that eating sweets makes us want more sweets and savouries! There’s one kind of sweet beverage that we’re missing…

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