The Winter Classic: Chicken Soup!

Chicken Noodle Soup - Detail - ©

When I was growing up, there was always one dish my mom fell back on for lunch in cold weather. I make it a little differently than she did, but I think mine is every bit as good as hers. And I get max value for my dollar out of the Chicken! It takes a little work, but there’s nothing else quite like it!

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Omega-3, -6 Guard Against Asthma

Teen Asthma Sufferer - Detail - ©

We’ve been hearing a lot, lately, about new findings in the fight against allergies and their near cousin, asthma. The latest word is, dietary measures taken in early life could help prevent the development of asthma when children grow older. And it’s as simple as making sure certain foods are in their diet…

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New Horizons In Booze…

Champagne Bubbles - ©

I’ve run across stories on my Food News wires recently about two new takes on Alcoholic Beverages. Read along with me and decide for yourself if they are harbingers of the boozy future, or things someone did just because they could. And are they really good ideas in the first place?

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Cue Up The Cold Weather Meals!

Fast, Fun Mac & Cheese - © Maggie Js

Here in my town, in Eastern Canada, overnight low temperatures are hitting the minus-double-digits, Celcius, or around 15 F. That’s kind of brutal after a mild Fall that turned to Winter literally overnight! But I have a cure for the chills: My go-to list of easy, comforting, filling meals that will please everyone…

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