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What Not To Eat On The Plane

We’ve looked at the pros and cons of consuming Coffee and Alcohol on an airplane. Now, we’ve come across a list of top foods to avoid when flying. You may be surprised at some of them, but there are good reasons for all of them to be on the list…

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Gene-Edited Food Is Coming: Are You Ready?

Even as debate still rages (at least among the superstitious masses and conspiracy theorists) about the safety of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs), a new class of biologically Engineered Foods is emerging. Will it be more acceptable to the skeptics?

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Another Opinion On Gluten

The scientific world has bombarded us with a wide range of opinions (all supported by apparently sound experimental evidence) about whether Gluten is good or bad for us. Most of those have focused on the ‘yes or no’ question. But the real answer may lie somewhere in between…

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Fast Food Week!

More Holiday specials to report this week. And Arby’s takes the lead with two big offerings. Krispy Kreme unveils its Holiday doughnuts, Burger King is bringing back 89-Cent Pancakes (limited time), and Jello is launching Edible Slime just in time for Christmas…

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Cocoa: Both An Art And A Science

We here in Canada’s Capital woke up to a couple of inches / 3-4 cm of snow this morning, our first significant snowfall of the season. And, when I stuck my head out the front door to bring in the newspaper, the nip in the air made me think of… Cocoa!

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Horton’s Launches Kids’ Menu

Tim Horton’s Has had a tough couple of years, what with bad press from it’s lingering standoff with angry franchisees, plummeting brand popularity, slumping sales and tanking share prices. Now, it’s trying something new to rehabilitate the brand…

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