Are You Playing Honey Roulette?

honey bear - ©

We’ve been hearing about this despicable practice for some time, now. And pledges have been made by governments and regulators to stop it. But it seems little has really been done to stop the massive, illegal importation and sale of substandard foreign Honey in North America. The question is, why?

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Canadian Sausages Not As Advertised

Sausages - Detail - © Wayne Cuddington via Postmedia

Remember the big scandal back in 2013, about Horse Meat being substituted in place of Beef? That triggered the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to evaluate new methods for testing meats in the inspection process. And what they found will be anything but appetizing to consumers…

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Menu Madness: Road to Overnutrition

Ultimate Smokehouse Combo - Detail - ©

I’ve been railing for years against the millennial trend by restaurants toward crating crazier and crazier menu items, just to get the attention of customers in an age of ever-increasing saturation in the Fast / Hip / Extreme foods sectors. But there’s an underlying danger in these wild and wacky treats…

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Walnuts May Be Healthier Than We Think

A Walnut - ©

We all know, by now, that Walnuts and Walnut Oil are good for us. Walnuts have been credited with a number of health benefits over and above those attributed to Nuts in General. Now, scientists say they’ve discovered that regular consumption of Walnuts can benefit our essential gut bacteria…

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