Weight Management Week: Get a Dog!

Riley Portrait ©2018 Maggiejs.ca

I’ve tried a number weight loss regimes in the past and they’ve all worked to some degree. But, before Riley The Wonder Dog came into our life, neither I nor my sister, Erin, had come across a ‘diet’ that not only took the pounds off but helped us keep them off… The Riley Diet: Simple, easy, healthy…

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Fast Food Week!

Egg on Big Mac - © Isai Rocha via FoodBeast

It’s that time again. Time for our weekly roundup of ‘quick service’ and ‘take-out’ food industry news. Arby’s is (re)launching a trio of classic Sandwiches for spring, Subway is trying a high-end approach to breakfast, and there’s news of a new addition you can request on any McDonald’s Sandwich…

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Menu Madness: Hot Pepper Ice Cream?

Aldwych's Respiro del Diavolo - © 2018 Aldwych Café

It’s been a while since I explored the Menu Madness extreme of my coverage mandate. I mean, MM is more of a rant vehicle than a legitimate post category. But I just couldn’t resist bringing you the story of a Valentine’s Day special treat that – oh, the irony! – could kill you if you love it too much.

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