Why Is SPAM So Darned Popular?

SPAM - Detail - © eater.com

I’ve posted about the original Mystery Meat here a number of times in the past, but SPAM has always been a bit player – at least a supporting actor – in those stories. Now, I think, It’s time to give the Iconic Canned Meat product it’s own show. And you just might learn a thing or two…

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Fast Food Week!

Baskin-Robbins Floral Stripe Cake - Sm - © 2018 Baskin-Robbins

The Fast Food News this week is all about summer beverages and frozen treats. All the major players are getting into the act, including Dairy Queen, Baskin-Robbins, Hagen-Daaz, Dunkin’s and Starbucks. And there are even a few Mother’s Day specials to tempt your palate…

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Doctor Obvious: People Eat Too Much!

XXL Sandwich - © hungry-man.com

A new study from the University of Liverpool suggests that we in the west, who consume vast quantities of packaged foods, eat too much, at least partly because manufacturers portion their wares in too-large sizes. Dr. Obvious says, that’s partly because we’ve been taught to clean our plates…

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