Mother’s Day Made Easy!

Mother's Teddy Bear - © drawstuffrealeasy via YouTube

It’s Mother’s Day, and, if your family is like mine, Mother has always done a lot of the cooking. Today, however, is an outstanding exception to any such rule. But that need not cause fear and loathing among those who usually do NOT cook. There are ways to make pampering Mom stress-free…

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Fast Food Week!

Papa Johns Garlic Sauce Jug - © 2018 Papa Johns Pizza

Where did the week go? It’s Saturday again and we’ve got breaking Fast Food News from the Likes of Taco Bell, Papa John’s and McDonald’s. Not to mention the upset victory of the year, so far: Starbucks has been knocked out of number 1 spot by Krispy Kreme in the annual Coffee Shop ratings…

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Diet Tips For Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Fish Oil Capsules - © via Pintrest

New research demonstrates that simple changes in diet and activity patterns could significantly alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis, a condition that makes life miserable for millions every day. The key may be a simple, readily available dietary supplement we all could probably use more of…

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