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‘Fake Food News’ Putting Us In Danger

Well, maybe not all of us, but certainly those of us who believe everything they read on the internet, or those who are desperate for a cure for what ails them. And that’s a lot of folks, falling for misguided ‘fake science’ reports or outright scams offering miraculous cures…

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Night Owls Less Healthy Than Early Birds

I’ve always suspected this, and I’ve been waiting for science to catch up with my intuition on the subject. Now, a new UK study confirms that those who stay up late are more likely to develop cardio-pulmonary conditions and Type 2 Diabetes than those who rise early…

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Fast Food Week!

The Holiday Specials are rolling out all over the Fast Food Landscape with the coming of December. Leading the pack are major players including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Church’s Chicken, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’s. Prepare yourself for an avalanche of new Sandwiches and Desserts!

Helman’s Launches ‘Dinner With Dignity’

Just in time for the holiday giving season, Hellmann’s (the Mayo People) have launched a new program to feed the hungry. And they’re using leftover food from grocery stores to do it. It’s the largest direct food recycling effort of its kind so far…

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Tainted Romaine UPDATE: Origin Identified

The U.S. FDA now says that the Romaine Lettuce at the root of the most recent mass food poisoning outbreak involving E. coli has been traced to a California source. Previous mass outbreaks of E. coli poisoning ware trace to Texas and Arizona growing regions…

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Cow Belches And Global Warming

All this time, I thought it was the gas that comes out the other end of the cow that was contributing to Global Warming. Now, we’re told that’s nothing compared to what the animals belch out while chewing their cud. And it’s a major source of greenhouse gasses…

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