A Surprising New Way to Hydrate…

The New Summer Reresher - © 2015 BuzzFeed.com

Okay… The reason I’m posting about this is that FINALLY somebody else has come out in support of one of my favourite ways to hydrate. Although the new video on BuzzLink goes somewhat farther than I do with my heretofore secret recipe for Refreshing Fortified Water, the basic idea is the same.

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How do you like Your Coffee? Early or Late?

Grumpy Without Coffee - © escapewithme.co.uk

People usually ask you how you like your Coffee to help them fix the add-ins for you – Milk or Cream, Sugar, Cinnamon, Foam — whatever. But a new exposé by the folks at AsaspSCIENCE on YouTube suggests that when you like your Coffee may be more important to your overall enjoyment and well being…

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A New Coffee Controversey Rears Its Head

Black Coffee - © Wikipedia

How refreshing! A controversy about Coffee that doesn’t revolve on either the wisdom or safety of caffeine consumption, or the possible toxic effects of the beverage’s many exotic components. In fact, the questionable ingredient is not one that comes in Coffee, but one some of us add ourselves…

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McDonald’s Update: Back to the Future!

We’ve just posted about McDonald’s long-awaited, highly-touted Blueprint for the Future. That was an anticlimax of sorts, many of the components having been leaked months in advance. But we missed another development that may generate more customer interest: The return of The Hamburgular!

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