Stevia May Actually Be GOOD For You!

We’ve heard a lot of alarmist chatter about the recently commercialized sweetener, Stevia. There have been the usual warnings from the ‘food safety’ advocates that it’s not really ‘natural’ and it’s not ‘healthy’. But new evidence seems to contradict those popular notions. In spades!

Old and New Russets - Key - © 2016 J.R. Simplot

GMO Foods Are Back In The News…

Once or twice a year, the issue of genetically modified (GMO) foods crops up (pun intended) in the news. These appearances usually coincide with the announcement that another GMO food product has been authorized for sale to the public. This time it’s a new take on an old, faithful Potato…

Sriracha Mayo - ©

Something New in the Way of Condiments…

It occurred to me that I should share with you a new (to me) technique I just love for creating absolutely scrumptious multi-purpose Dipping Sauces and Sandwich Spreads. You’ve probably already had, or heard of, at least one of these concoctions, but there’s a lot more to them than Sriracha Mayo!

Dim Sum Bounty - © 2016

What’s the Deal With Dim Sum?

It’s an old Chinese tradition – a celebration of Asian Dumplings traditionally rolled out on Sunday. How important is it in Chinese culture? Just take a gander at the mega display space Dumplings get in most Asian Grocery stores! And that doesn’t even take into account all the Dipping Sauces!

Cornish Hens - ©

How Not to Cook Rock Cornish Game Hens…

In our house, birthday celebrants get to choose the menu for their natal day dinner. Sister Erin specified Rock Cornish Game Hens with traditional Mashed Potatoes, Pan Stuffing and Roasted Winter Vegetables. Thus, I embarked upon my first attempt at preparing Small ‘Game’ Fowl…

Avocados - ©

Sobey’s Introduces ‘Avocoados for Dummies’

Okay. Maybe the headline is a little harsh. But is there anyone out there who uses Avocados who doesn’t know how to remove the pit and scoop out the meat? Somebody at Calavo Growers Inc. thinks so. And, apparently, somebody at Sobey’s supermarkets agrees. What do you think?

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