Pizza Facts You Never Knew

Pizza Perfection - ©

We’ve given a lot of space to the humble (?) Pizza in this blog and have even delved into the origins of the savoury Pie – as we knew them. But, now, I have been made privy to a storehouse of information about Pizza (via Instagram) and it turns out the eternal Pie is far older than most of us would guess…

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What’s Your ‘Vinotype’?

Red Wine and Fish - ©

We all know the classic food and Wine paring rules: Red Wines with with Red Meats, White Wines with Poultry, Fish and Seafood. But recent studies of Wine lovers and their preferences have revealed that those old rules may be outmoded. Chefs and Hospitality School experts say, “Let the palate rule!”

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Fast Food Week!

Hot Cocoa OREOs - 2017 OREOs

Saturday again – seems like just a couple of days ago! – and we have another busy week to sum up on the Fast Food beat. A few more limited time returns to the big menus this week and the beginning of ‘Winter’ season specialties which should be around for at least a few months…

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Whole Grains: Spelt & Friends

Farro & Red Pepper Side - © Colin Campbell

Today we’re turning our Whole Grains spotlight on Ancient Grains. They’ve come to the attention of ‘Healthy’ eaters, Vegetarians and Gluten-sensitive folks in the past few years but the rest of us should take a look, as well – in the name of variety, wholesomeness and, heck, plain old curiosity…

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