A Fat-Burning Switch In Your Brain?

Yo-Yo Tape - © firnessforhealth.org

Have you ever gone on a diet and lost the weight – only to have it all come back soon after you went off the diet? I have. More than once. Now, however, science has discovered what might be called a fat-burning switch in the brain that could potentially end this frustrating, disappointing yo-yo situation…

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Fast Food Week!

Egg on Big Mac - © Isai Rocha via FoodBeast

It’s that time again. Time for our weekly roundup of ‘quick service’ and ‘take-out’ food industry news. Arby’s is (re)launching a trio of classic Sandwiches for spring, Subway is trying a high-end approach to breakfast, and there’s news of a new addition you can request on any McDonald’s Sandwich…

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Menu Madness: Hot Pepper Ice Cream?

Aldwych's Respiro del Diavolo - © 2018 Aldwych Café

It’s been a while since I explored the Menu Madness extreme of my coverage mandate. I mean, MM is more of a rant vehicle than a legitimate post category. But I just couldn’t resist bringing you the story of a Valentine’s Day special treat that – oh, the irony! – could kill you if you love it too much.

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Stress And Junk Food A Bad Combo

Lab Mouse - © jax.org

Researchers have discovered a potentially disastrous connection between Junk Food and Stress. We know each of those things is unhealthy by itself, but, now, scientists say they work their evil on your body in similar ways. And the effects appear to be especially pronounced in women…

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