Do we really need ‘O’-Food?

Oprah Foods Packages - ©

Oprah Winfrey has her mitts into just about everything. She’s worshiped by trend followers, style mavens, book lovers and folks who are adoring and persistent enough to get tickets to her TV studio audience (because she always gives away great stuff). Now, she’s selling ‘Comfort Food’…

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Sexist Theme Doesn’t Sell Anymore

Hooters New Uniforms - Detail - © 2017 Hooters

Restaurants in China and the U.S. that have relied on sexist themes to draw customers are finding that the idea doesn’t fly in today’s high-minded society. And, oddly enough, both establishments have relied on appeals to the marketplace focused specifically on female pectoral attributes. It’s about time…

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We’re Killing Our Hearts With Salt

Excessive Salt - ©

We all know that too much Salt is bad for us. Specifically, it’s bad for our hearts. And we all agree that it’s a good idea to cut down on Salt. But there’s a conspiracy of circumstances in our lives that makes it almost impossible to keep track of our Salt intake. And, as a result, we’re all getting too much…

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Vegetarian Diet Bad for Men?

Vitamin B12 Man - ©

One of the things that vegetarians must be wary of is insufficient intake of vitamins only available from animal-based foods. A new study from the UK shows vegetarian men are particularly at risk for a number of disorders directly attributable to vitamin B12 and Iron deficiency, notably depression…

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