Vitamin D: Research Roundup

Vitamin D Supplement - ©

Today we corral all the recent research news about Vitamin D – it’s benefits and the dangers associated with deficient D levels. Makes me glad I take a D supplement every morning. Because it appears that adequate D levels are just as important in later years as they are in childhood…

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Happy Father’s Day!

Dad with Ribs - ©

It’s Father’s Day, again… Time to show Dad how much you appreciate him and everything he does for you. But I’m not just going to toss you some Father’s Day entertaining tips! I’ve got the back story on this special day, and some observations of my own to try and put it in perspective for you…

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Fast Food Week!

IHOb sign - © 2018 IHOP

Time, again, for another Fast Food news roundup, and it seems he QSRs (Quick Service Restos) are capitalizing on warmer weather with a bunch of new iced beverage launches, McDonald’s hypes its Fish conservation program, and Domino’s is going to the streets to fix customer-nominated ‘worst roads’…

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Red Meat Now Okay On The Med Diet!

The Mediterranean Diet - Detail ©

We’ve heard a lot about the Mediterranean Diet – how it’s great for heart health and longevity. But, until now, Red Meat has not been allowed under the popular Diet regime. Fortunately for Meat lovers, a new study shows that you can have Red Meat and still enjoy the benefits of the Med Diet…

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A Simple Way to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

Striploin Steak - Beef - Key - © stu_spivack - Flickr

We’re all familiar with the contributions that industry and automobiles make to the global greenhouse gas problem, but a new study from Tufts University spotlights a source of ozone layer-destroying emissions we may not have suspected. And we can all help just by changing our eating habits…

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