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‘Vegan Pledge’ Aimed At Saving Turkeys

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that we take every opportunity to spotlight PETA promotions – many of which leave much to be desired in the ‘good taste’ department. But, now, the animal welfare group is trying something else for the holidays…

KFC Chicken & Waffles - Detail - © KFC

Fast Food Week!

Here we are again, running down the week’s top stories from the Fast Food World. It’s (almost) all about the holidays this week, with mouthwatering menu announcements from IHOP, Pringles and McDonald’s. And KFC tempts your sweet tooth with an encore performance by its Chicken and Waffles…

Ads vs Reality - Detail - Taco Bell - © Signs com

Ads vs. Reality: UPDATE

We’ve looked at this issue before, but, now, a non-food company has commissioned a formal study comparing consumers’ reactions to Fast Food ads and their reactions to similarly-staged photos of the real menu item. The divergence between some ad pix and real-product photos is astounding…

Fruit Bat - © Musem of Disgusting Food

‘Disgusting Food’ Museum Defies Imagination

Well… It defies mine, anyway, and I’m posting this story largely to show that ‘one man’s passion is another’s poison’. The question other Food News outlets are asking is, ‘Would you eat any of the stuff in the Disgusting Foods Museum?’ I’m asking, ‘Why would anybody eat this stuff?’

Joel Presson at Wendys - Detail - © daytondailynews.com

‘First Job’ Now ‘Last Job’ For Many

McDonald’s used to advertise how proud it was that working in one of its restaurants was the first real job that so many teenagers landed. It still promotes its support programs and scholarships for young employees. But hiring seems to be trending toward the other end of the age scale…

Triple Bacon Buttery Jack Burger - 2017 Jack in the Box

The ‘Right’ Way To Eat A Burger?

We’ve all had some kind of sandwich featuring a Meat Patty on a Bun – a Burger – at least once in our lives. And I’ll bet we’ve all held it the same way when eating it. But there’s a renegade undercurrent in the Foodie realm that insists we’ve been doing it all wrong all along…

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