Fast Food Week!

What a week! The action on the Chicken Front was intense, as Burger King trolled Wendy’s on Nuggets and two major players introduced new Chicken Tenders. KFC gets Kreepy for Hallowe’en and Arby’s brings back its infamous, impossible to get Venison Sandwich for hunting season…

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More Good News On Oils And Fats

Today we’re going to digest (pun intended) a couple of reports that trumpet the benefits of Fats and Oils. Yes, bad Fats are bad for you. Too much good Fat is bad for you. But the right amount of the Right Fats can be helpful in a whole catalogue of ways – starting with supporting weight loss…

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French Resto Penalizes Cell Phone Users

Petit Jardin Sign - © Anonymous Diner

Devotées of English Football (Soccer) will know instantly what a Red Card means: ‘Out of the game!’ In France, they play by English rules. At one French Restaurant, the staff will politely ‘show you a ‘Red Card’ when you’ve broken a house rule rather than raise voices and disturb other diners…

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