Fast Food Week!

Chocolate Hazelnut OREOS - © 2017 Nabisco

Here we are again! Time to run down the top Fast Food headlines of this past week… My top story is the latest attempt by failing Subway to boost sales by bringing back the $5 Footlong deal. But OREO is also launching five new flavours, and Coke and KFC are offering logo-ware/wear for the holidays…

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What You Eat Effects Your Mood

Depressed Teen Girl - ©

You’ve heard the old maxim, ‘You are what you eat’? Well, now a team of American researchers has uncovered evidence that how you feel is also effected by what you eat. And your age has an important role in determining what you should eat to be balanced and happy at different times of your life…

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Kellogg’s Opens All-Cereal Restaurant

KelloggsNTC Kumquat Life - Detail - © Ron Lai

Yes, it sounds crazy. It may, in fact, be crazy. But it’s happening in New York City – arguably, the capital of crazy – and it’s getting a lot of media attention. Should I be ‘promoting’ this development with coverage on my humble blog? Well, that’s not my intention. I want to spotlight the ‘crazy’ part…

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