The Vicious Circle Of Caffeine

A new study by researchers at Cornell University suggests that coffee drinkers might be prey to a collection of effects associated with their ability to taste ‘sweet’. The researchers don’t go into what I’d call ‘collateral damage’, but I’ve realized that there could be dire dietary consequences!

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Fast Food Week!

Chocobo Chow - © Dominos Australia

It’s time to round up the usual suspects and look at the best – and worst – that the Fast Food sector had to offer this past week. Our reports range from a hopelessly unsanitary franchise owner, to half price Wings gone south, to McDonald’s, where they apparently charge (US)$1.59 for nothing at all…

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Starbucks Trumpets Hiring Vets

Starbucks Veterans Cup - © 2017 Starbucks

Starbucks announced, last year, that they would hire 10,000 refugees at their stores round the world. That touched off an Internet storm with that one, and the storm settled into a steady rain of calls for the mega upscale Coffee company to hire at least as many U.S. armed services vets. Starbucks responded…

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