SPAM Black Market Arises In Hawaii!

SPAM - Detail - ©

We all know that SPAM is iconic and widely beloved. But I had to ask, on first reading this story, “SPAM is pretty cheap, as it is. Where’s the profit in Black Market SPAM?” Well, it turns out that HAWAII is a unique SPAM market and folks there will do almost anything to save a few cents on a staple…

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Fast Food Week!

The Chocadilla - © 2017 Paul Kratt via Twitter

Gad! Can it really be Saturday, again? So soon? Apparently it can, so here comes the crème de la crème of the past week’s Fast Food sector news and views… Quizno’s, Taco Bell and Popeye’s all floated new menu items. Burger King floated an anti-bullying campaign and got big push-back…

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McD’s Champions ‘Quiet Time’

McDonald’s is experimenting with a new program that has nothing directly to do with food. But it does have a lot to do with diners’ ability to enjoy their McFood in a quiet, tranquil environment. It’s a bold effort to get patrons to ‘park their phones while they are come into a McDonald’s for a sit-down meal…

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