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A New Coffee Controversey Rears Its Head

How refreshing! A controversy about Coffee that doesn’t revolve on either the wisdom or safety of caffeine consumption, or the possible toxic effects of the beverage’s many exotic components. In fact, the questionable ingredient is not one that comes in Coffee, but one some of us add ourselves…

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Another Dubious (Culinary) First for Nigeria?

Nigeria has become infamous over the past few decades, laying claim to a number of dark firsts. But now, when you thought it might just be safe to perhaps think about visiting this exotic African nation, fate intervenes with a nightmare for Nigerian Tourism Officials…

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McHatTrick: Fast Food Giant Tries Kale!

This is an unprecedented third McDonald’s post in a row here at the FFB. But I just had to. McDonald’s is definitely trying out Kale on its menu, presumably as part of its recent commitment to offer healthier alternatives at its famous Burger joints. We discovered a review by one intrepid California writer…

McDonald’s Update: Back to the Future!

We’ve just posted about McDonald’s long-awaited, highly-touted Blueprint for the Future. That was an anticlimax of sorts, many of the components having been leaked months in advance. But we missed another development that may generate more customer interest: The return of The Hamburgular!

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McDonald’s Lays it’s Future on the Line…

The world’s first and still most dominant fast food chain, McDonald’s, last week laid out its plans aimed at maintaining it’s ascendency in the marketplace., A few we’ve heard murmurs of before, but now it’s all on the table. The question is: Will the new McPlan snap McD’s out of the doldrums?

Is Ice Cream an Edangered Species?

I’ve just read an online article lamenting the fact that Ice Cream sales in Canada have dropped by almost half since 2004. There are apparently lots of reasons for that, but the post misses the one I think is most responsible for diners – particularly young ones – turning away from Ice Cream…

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