Crispy Cricket - ©

‘Alternative proteins’ are coming. Are you ready? Two researchers at the University of Guelph Food Institute published an open letter in the Ottawa Citizen this morning, predicting that way-out protein sources such as algae and insects could become mainstream in as little as ten years…

Birch Syrup - Spoon - ©

Birch Syrup, an old favourite in the West and Midwest, is making inroads into Ontario and Quebec – traditionally Maple Syrup Central. Many easterners have never even heard of Birch Syrup, let alone tasted it. But interest is beginning to build as Maple Syrup prices continue to rise…

Classic Sausage McMuffin - © McDonald's Canada

We’ve been following the recently-shaky fortunes of McDonald’s in the face of aggressive competition from other fast food sector players. We recently reported that the All-Day Breakfast has gone over big and a plan to update ‘Value’ menu choices is testing well in the U.S.

A consortium of wildlife watchdogs and seafood producers recently commissioned an independent survey to determine the state of the Northern Black Cod stocks of Newfoundland and the findings surprised everybody involved. At seems that the Cod are coming back nicely, after almost being wiped out by overfishing… Good, old-fashioned traditionalRead More →