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Fast Food Secrets that Shocked Even Me!

Yup! It’s true! I’ve just stumbled across an in-depth post by the author of a relatively-new website titled Eat This, Not That, in which the author reveals a whole catalogue of ugly secrets the Fast Food Chains would rather you didn’t know – or at least that you’d ignore them if you did know!

McDonald's New Signature Classic - © 2015 McDonald's Restaurants

McDonald’s Premieres New Premium Burgers

Back at the beginning of the year, we gave you a hazy ‘heads up’ on McDonald’s plans to up-scale its burger offerings. McD’s corporate even staged a high-toned ‘unveiling’ of some prototype ‘premium’ Burgers complete with classy Black packaging and servers in bistro-style uniforms…

Chicken - © aivisv.deviantart.com

McD’s Next Big Thing: Antibiotic-free Chicken

We knew it was coming but just how long it might take for Burger leviathan McDonald’s to phase it in remained a mystery – until now. McD’s has announced its Canadian outlets will follow the example set earlier this year in the U.S. by ‘cleaning up’ its Chicken act: No more antibiotics!

Are You a Cheese Addict?

A new study, the results of which have just been released by investigators at the University of Michigan, clearly indicates that Cheese is addictive – as addictive as crack cocaine, some folks claim. And scientists also note Milk products pose a two-pronged threat to our self-control systems…

Subway "Footlong" an inch short - © Matt Corby

Subway and The Angry Inch…

Remember that silly lawsuit brought by two New Jersey men against Subway sandwich shops? The one claiming that the mega-fast-food chain was cheating its customers by selling ‘Footlong’ subs that didn’t measure a full 12 inches? Well, it’s finally been settled two years later…

DND Menu Madness: 37 Pages?!

If you thought the florid, wordy descriptions on the menu at the last fine dining restaurant you patronized were over-the-top, wait ’til you read the latest request for standing offer proposals from Canada’s Department of National Defense for food services at it’s Trenton, ON, air base…

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