Fast Food Week!

Arbys Chicken Pepperoni Parm Sandwich - © 2017 Arbys

Here we go… The Fall Flavour Madness plot thickens! KFC returns to Celebrity Colonels to plug the return of two former menu favourites. Chipotle discontinues its much-hyped Choriso. Arby’s reveals its Fall specials and… Ever wonder why Papa John’s packs a Pepperoncino with every Pie?

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Stop The Hot Pepper Madness!

Pepper X - Detail © 2017 Smokin Ed Currie

It used to be that we’d hear about the discovery of a new, even-hotter Hot Pepper once in a decade. Then, one every couple of years. Now, it seems a new contender for The World’s Hottest Pepper surfaces every few months. My question is: Why do we need man-made, ever-hotter Peppers?

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