What’s Your ‘Vinotype’?

Red Wine and Fish - © netdna-cdn.com

We all know the classic food and Wine paring rules: Red Wines with with Red Meats, White Wines with Poultry, Fish and Seafood. But recent studies of Wine lovers and their preferences have revealed that those old rules may be outmoded. Chefs and Hospitality School experts say, “Let the palate rule!”

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Leftover Saver: Any-Day Asian Soup!

Miso-Udon Soup - Detail - © trail.recipes.com

I’ve been addressing the idea of leftovers lately, what with the coming and going of Canadian Thanksgiving. Today, I want to present an easy dish you can roll out to help make any leftover protein seem first-meal special. I hope you are a fan of Asian flavours and enjoy a bit of heat!

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Yes, I Cheat Now And Then…

Beef Stew - Detail - © J. Kenji Lopez-Alt via seriouseats.com

This one will definitely be tagged under the category ‘Leftover Rhapsody’… I have a small knot of Roast Beef left over at the end of a leftover odyssey that goes back a week. First there was the dinner, then the sandwiches and, now, there will be Finale Beef Stew – the easiest you’ve ever made!

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Maggie's No-Fail Pumpkin Pie - Detail - © 2013 maggiejs

All is in readiness for our Thanksgiving Dinner here at the James residence. The Turkey will go into the oven at 11:30 this morning and be ready to come out at 4:30 this afternoon. I baked my Pumpkin Pie yesterday. And, with sister Erin’s assistance, the rest of the prep should be a breeze…

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Turkey Feast Tips

Gravy - © acookandherbooks blogspot.com

I’ve passed along tips and ‘tricks’ one at a time before – small matters of technique or ingredients that make your favourite foods a little more special. Now, in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving (this weekend), I’m going to gather up some that I think truly make a Turkey Feast shine!

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