Yes, I Cheat Now And Then…

Beef Stew - Detail - © J. Kenji Lopez-Alt via

This one will definitely be tagged under the category ‘Leftover Rhapsody’… I have a small knot of Roast Beef left over at the end of a leftover odyssey that goes back a week. First there was the dinner, then the sandwiches and, now, there will be Finale Beef Stew – the easiest you’ve ever made!

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Maggie's No-Fail Pumpkin Pie - Detail - © 2013 maggiejs

All is in readiness for our Thanksgiving Dinner here at the James residence. The Turkey will go into the oven at 11:30 this morning and be ready to come out at 4:30 this afternoon. I baked my Pumpkin Pie yesterday. And, with sister Erin’s assistance, the rest of the prep should be a breeze…

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Turkey Feast Tips

Gravy - © acookandherbooks

I’ve passed along tips and ‘tricks’ one at a time before – small matters of technique or ingredients that make your favourite foods a little more special. Now, in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving (this weekend), I’m going to gather up some that I think truly make a Turkey Feast shine!

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Any Pan Can Be A Non-Stick Pan

Pan Fried Steaks - ©

I’ve mentioned this before, part and parcel of posts on other issues, but I think it’s time to look at it on its own. Too many cooks are labouring under a misconception about how to prepare a pan for frying and that’s a shame, because the solution to their frustrating problem is really very simple…

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