Buffet Questions Answered By The Boss

Mandarin Buffer - © Mandarin

We’ve all been out to Buffet Restaurants at least once. And, like me, you’ve probably had questions about how the food is prepared, stored and served. Rumours and mysteries abound. But I’ve stumbled upon a post by an Asian Buffet operator who tells all. And it’s not as bad as you might think…

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The Hut’s 1/2-Price Pie Come-On

Pizza Hut Half Off - Detail - © 2018 Pizza Hut

You may think that Pizza Hut’s Half-Price Pie All Week deal is a really good one – until I point out why that may not be the case, after all. Do you really believe they could afford to give away hundreds of thousands of Pizzas at a loss? I don’t. And here’s how they avoid bankruptcy…

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If You Find This After I am Gone…

Turkey Dagwood Sandwich - © comfortcooking.com

It is Day 4 of my ordeal, trapped in my house without Food, and only minimal Water. I am not sure I can go on much longer and remain sane. I have been suffering from raging mouth sores following a stupid Boxing Day Hot Wing Challenge, which keeps me from ingesting anything more stimulating than Water.

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Okay! It’s a Maggie J’s Q&A!

Tea in Cup - Detal - © worldteadirectory.com

We’re trying something new, fresh and – we hope – exciting for you! ‘Changing it up’ is what I’m always recommending to you as the easy way to keep your to keep your family’s menus intriguing and and fresh. Now, I’m changing it up with the first every one-on-one Q&A with – Me! See you all tomorrow…

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Season’s Drinkings: Hot Cocoa

Making Hot Cocoa - Detail - © drweil.com

There’s more to Cocoa than Chocolate and Water. There’s fascinating history that goes back to around 500 BC and a host of regional traditions that have grown out of the global love of this flavour. For those of us who live in cold climes, it’s a tradition at Christmas and all winter!

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