Essential Ingredients For Any Kitchen

Onion Family - ©

I just finished reading a post elsewhere that claimed to list three ingredients that everyone should have ‘in stock’ at all times to ensure that they, the diners, can make a great, healthy meal anytime, on the spur of the moment. They said Salsa, Yogurt and Eggs. I agree about the Eggs, but…

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It’s Still Soup Season!

Hambone - ©

Soup Season runs from October to May in our house. That’s the fall-winter-spring arc in these latitudes when Soup is universally popular for lunch and warm-me-up snacks. If you’re buying soup, either in a can or in a bag, you’re paying too much and losing out on the fun of making your own…

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Hawking Gone But Still Giving

Dessert at Foodcycle Cambridge - © 2018 Foodcycle Cambridge

Stephen Hawking, the most renowned theoretical physicist of our time, passed away March 14. But the man who was so generous in sharing his insights and discoveries about the cosmos hosted a gala Easter lunch for the homeless In his longtime home town, Cambridge. No, it wasn’t magic…

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Fish Tips For Good Friday

Fish and Chips - Detail - ©

For those of the Christian Faith, this is Good Friday, which commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with worship services, prayer and traditional dietary observances – not the least of which is the serving of Fish for the main meal. I humbly offer my tips for making your fish come out perfect every time!

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Kids Like Their Veggies Spicy!

School Lunch Line - ©

It’s an age-old quandary: How do you get kids to eat their Vegetables? Now, science has an answer, at least as far as older kids are concerned. And the research got started because someone got fed up with the tremendous waste of Veggies in school lunch programs…

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