Cooking With Bacon Fat – Do It!

Bacon Fat - ©

Not all the time, and definitely not with all foods. But, when you cook Bacon, save the Fat. Frying your breakfast Eggs and Potatoes in it will give them a whole new dimension of flavour and umami hit. There are other applications, too, not all of them involving frying, which may surprise you!

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How Ginger Cures Bad Breath

Hand of Ginger - Jenine Bressner via Flickr

We’ve known for a long time that Ginger has many beneficial qualities, not all of which have been proven scientifically. But researchers at the Technical University of Munich have tracked down the mechanism by which Ginger attacks compounds in saliva that cause bad breath…

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UPDATE: Plate Size And Portion Perception

Plate Sizes - ©

There’s a conventional belief that folks will perceive the same object as larger when it’s placed within a small circle and vice-versa. This has been thought to impact the way people assess the size of food portions on larger or smaller plates. But new research says that’s not strictly the case…

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A Cookbook For Chemo Patients

Chemo Kitchen Cover - SMall - © 2018 Chemo Kitchen

Unless you’ve had to undergo chemotherapy yourself, or have had a close relative or friend who’s had to, you’re probably unaware that many chemo patients suffer changes in their sense of taste during treatment, and these changes can lead to loss of appetite and nutritional shortfall…

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The Physics Of Baking Good Pizza

Wood Oven Pizza - ©

Classic Neapolitan pizzaiolos will insist that baking the perfect pie is an art, not a science. But a Russian physicist living in Rome recently investigated the physics of pizza ovens and quantified the physics of the Pizza. Not without the help of two old-school Italian pizzaiolos, though…

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Rest In Peace, Tony Bourdain…

By now, you’ve heard that celebrity chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain died, on his own terms, Friday in a Strasbourg Hotel room. He was there to film an episode of the next season of his hit CNN TV series, Parts Unknown. Why he took his life remains a mystery, but we do know some things…

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