Burger on the Grill - © maudehunterspub ca

One of the arch staples of the summer Grilling Season is the Hamburger. Yes, you can buy pre-made Patties, and some of them even include enhancements such as Spices or Onions. But there’s much mote to it than that, if you are a true Hamburger aficionado and insist on making them yourself…

Classic Rhubarb Pie - © allrecipes

You either love it or hate it. And I’m not talking about Black Olives or Anchovies on your Pizza. It’s that great British tradition, Rhubarb. And there are as many misconceptions out there about this sour treat as there are ways to use it. I say, it’s time to clear the air so we can all enjoy it!

Waygu Beef - Detail - © The Untimate Guide To Japanese Beef

I often talk about Marbling when discussing how to choose and prepare Red Meats. And often the people I’m talking to get a blank look on their faces until I explain what Marbling is and why it’s a good thing. Even then, some folks question the healthiness of Marbling in our ‘lean’ culture…

Grilled Flank Steak - © simplyrecipes.com

Though spring is still taking its own sweet time to arrive here in the Great White North, folks have started bringing their barbecue grills out of hibernation in preparation for summer. And one of the questions backyard grill masters ask me every season is, “How do I cook a perfect Steak?”

Stuffed Baked Potato - Detail - © indiafoodnetwork.in

There are right ways and wrong ways of doing everything – especially in the kitchen. After 40 years, I’ve finally developed the absolute best way to bake Potatoes. And the perfect Baked Potato is the first step in making a whole array of great dishes, both for sides and as one-piece entrées…