Pizza Facts You Never Knew

Pizza Perfection - ©

We’ve given a lot of space to the humble (?) Pizza in this blog and have even delved into the origins of the savoury Pie – as we knew them. But, now, I have been made privy to a storehouse of information about Pizza (via Instagram) and it turns out the eternal Pie is far older than most of us would guess…

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Pizza Nuttiness Reaches New Heights!

Pumpkin Spice Pizza - Detail - © Anthony Rotiovia Instagram

This is the first day of Fall. To top off a week dominated by nutty Food News, I’ve found a gem from the Pizza Universe… What’s the Fall’s biggest Flavour Rage? Pumpkin Spice. What’s the last thing you’d expect to find it in? Pizza. Where would you expect someone to do that first? California? No!

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