Menu Madness: Hot Pepper Ice Cream?

Aldwych's Respiro del Diavolo - © 2018 Aldwych Café

It’s been a while since I explored the Menu Madness extreme of my coverage mandate. I mean, MM is more of a rant vehicle than a legitimate post category. But I just couldn’t resist bringing you the story of a Valentine’s Day special treat that – oh, the irony! – could kill you if you love it too much.

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Stress And Junk Food A Bad Combo

Lab Mouse - ©

Researchers have discovered a potentially disastrous connection between Junk Food and Stress. We know each of those things is unhealthy by itself, but, now, scientists say they work their evil on your body in similar ways. And the effects appear to be especially pronounced in women…

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The Real Future Of The Supermarket?

Robomart - Detail - © 2018 Robomart

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about The Store Of The Future – whether it be Amazon’s GO concept or the online/delivery model. But a third option has emerged which just might ‘outrun’ both of those concepts. And it leverages one of the other big tech developments of the current century…

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New York State To Regulate Tide Pods?

Idiot Millennial Eats Tide Pods - © via YouTube

No. Really. And, for those of you who don’t know, ‘Tide Pods’ are little plastic pouches of Laundry detergent you just throw into the machine and forget. It’s convenience to the max. No measuring, no mess. But it seems that idiots who don’t know any better have taken to eating them…

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