New Rice Could Feed The World

Rice Plants - ©

Scientists have long been working to increase yields for Rice, Wheat and other grains, in hope of feeding the world’s hungry. Now, Chinese researchers report that they have developed a new strain of Rice that grows in Salt water. It’s a breakthrough with huge potential…

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You Think You Pay A Lot For Food?

Drought in Sudan - ©

I recently read a report that compares the cost of food in various countries around the world… And I was shocked to see how much some people spend for an average meal! As you might have guessed, the folks who have it worst are living in Africa, where food is short and prices are crazy…

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A Breakthrough in Treating Obesity?

Stuffing Chips - © Michael Moss - Salt Sugar Fat Book

I’ve remarked on and brought you news about the global obesity epidemic many times in this space. But today I have word of the first (Potential) real treatment for the disease. It involves genetically-engineered proteins, though, and that may cripple its effectiveness because of push-back…

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SPAM Black Market Arises In Hawaii!

SPAM - Detail - ©

We all know that SPAM is iconic and widely beloved. But I had to ask, on first reading this story, “SPAM is pretty cheap, as it is. Where’s the profit in Black Market SPAM?” Well, it turns out that HAWAII is a unique SPAM market and folks there will do almost anything to save a few cents on a staple…

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McD’s Champions ‘Quiet Time’

McDonald’s is experimenting with a new program that has nothing directly to do with food. But it does have a lot to do with diners’ ability to enjoy their McFood in a quiet, tranquil environment. It’s a bold effort to get patrons to ‘park their phones while they are come into a McDonald’s for a sit-down meal…

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