Mother’s Day Made Easy!

Mother's Teddy Bear - © drawstuffrealeasy via YouTube

It’s Mother’s Day, and, if your family is like mine, Mother has always done a lot of the cooking. Today, however, is an outstanding exception to any such rule. But that need not cause fear and loathing among those who usually do NOT cook. There are ways to make pampering Mom stress-free…

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Diet Tips For Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Fish Oil Capsules - © via Pintrest

New research demonstrates that simple changes in diet and activity patterns could significantly alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis, a condition that makes life miserable for millions every day. The key may be a simple, readily available dietary supplement we all could probably use more of…

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Doctor Obvious: Couples Weigh Loss Tips

Fat Woman - ©

A new study published recently in the learned journal Health Communication tells us many things we already knew, or suspected, about internal family relationships and how they can effect your weight loss attempts. Doctor Obvious caught this one right away. Prepare to be underwhelmed…

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Unmasked: The Enzyme That Makes Us Fat

Lab Mouse - ©

Scientists have tracked down an enzyme that controls the deposition of body fat in mammals. That may sound like good news to folks who want to lose some weight. But there’s more to the situation than meets the eye. Or plate. And researchers say the discovery may be a two-edged sword…

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Product Downsizing: What’s Next?

D'Italiano Hamburger Buns - © D'Italiano via

We’ve posted in this space before about the marketing phenomenon known as ‘product downsizing’. That’s what they call it when they reduce the amount of product but keep the package the same size. It started decades ago with candy bars and breakfast cereals, but folks caught on…

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