Wine Is Good For Your Teeth

Red Wine - Key - ©

We already know that drinking Red Wine in moderation is a healthy habit – offering benefits for cardio health and other bodily systems. But now we hear that glass or two a day may help keep the dental plaque away. Great news! But don’t throw away your toothbrush just yet…

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Fast Food Week!

Time again for our weekly Fast Food News roundup… And this week, we have a really eclectic selection of reports, from ‘Brekkie Burgers’, to a janitor who became a VP, to a CEO with new Tex-Mex challenges, to a cavalcade of limited-time come-backs, to a KFC near-catastrophe in the UK…

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Weight Management Week: Get a Dog!

Riley Portrait ©2018

I’ve tried a number weight loss regimes in the past and they’ve all worked to some degree. But, before Riley The Wonder Dog came into our life, neither I nor my sister, Erin, had come across a ‘diet’ that not only took the pounds off but helped us keep them off… The Riley Diet: Simple, easy, healthy…

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