Delivery The New Craze After Delivering

Sitdown Restaurant Food - ©

This got past me entirely, but that’s not really surprising. I’m old enough to be a great grandmother (just!) and I don’t know any young mothers. But it seems that calling for take-out treats has become a new tradition for just-post-partum mothers. The question is, what are they ordering?

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Beware the Hydrogen Peroxide ‘Cure’!

Hydrogen Peroxide - ©

Remember, not too long ago, when we reported on the absolutely crazy craze for eating Tide detergent Pods? Where this dangerous myth started remains a mystery, as far as I know. But social media spread it like wildfire. Now, there’s another social media ‘food’ craze sweeping California…

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Coffee Taste-Off Results In Major Upset

Elderly Coffee Lover - ©

You’d think that, the more you pay for a cup of Coffee, the better it would be. But a recent taste test says otherwise. CTV Vancouver provided the tasters. The Canadian Barrista Academy provided the tasters with a panel of Coffees… And a convenience store brew blew the boutiques away!

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