Are You Ready For Alcoholic Coke?

Coca Cola Logo - © Coca Cola Co.

Not yet for me, thanks. I’ll continue to mix my own cocktails – on the rare occasions I partake of cocktails. But in Japan, where they sell Alcoholic Drinks from vending machines, Coca Cola is preparing to test market a boozy beverage leveraging a traditional Japanese production method…

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Childhood Obesity: Fat Mom, Fat Child?

Parents Make Fat Kids - © Joe_13 - Flickr via CC BY-ND 2

Science has revealed many things to us about our bodies and our bodies’ issues. But a recent study suggests that an overweight mother who consumes a high-fat and high-sugar diet can cause changes in her developing fetus that lead to obesity in childhood and heart trouble later in life…

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Loblaws Introduces Insect Protein Powder

Cricket Powder - 2018 Loblaw's

Loblaws Canada, owner of the President’s Choice brand and dozens of grocery store chains, is often the first retail power in this country to bring out new products and break new ground. Now, it’s trailblazing the large-scale production and sale of insect based foods with a new Cricket-based protein powder…

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McD’s Evicts Homeless Man

Not Lovin McDonalds - ©

There are two sides to every story – at least two, I say. And this story from Myrtle Beach, SC, definitely does have two. It involves a homeless man who was treated to lunch by a Good Samaritan only to be kicked out by police at the request of the management. So what really happened?

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