Happy Father’s Day!

Dad with Ribs - © kentowen.wordpress.com

It’s Father’s Day, again… Time to show Dad how much you appreciate him and everything he does for you. But I’m not just going to toss you some Father’s Day entertaining tips! I’ve got the back story on this special day, and some observations of my own to try and put it in perspective for you…

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A Simple Way to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

Striploin Steak - Beef - Key - © stu_spivack - Flickr

We’re all familiar with the contributions that industry and automobiles make to the global greenhouse gas problem, but a new study from Tufts University spotlights a source of ozone layer-destroying emissions we may not have suspected. And we can all help just by changing our eating habits…

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Grilling Tips: Your Meat Thermometer

Meat Thermometer - © taylor-enviro.com

Everyone who loves to cook should have a meat thermometer, and that goes double for Grilling enthusiasts. Not that you need two of them… You just need to use one, and use it properly, to ensure that your Grilled Meats are cooked to a safe temperature on the inside before serving…

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