What’s Your ‘Vinotype’?

Red Wine and Fish - © netdna-cdn.com

We all know the classic food and Wine paring rules: Red Wines with with Red Meats, White Wines with Poultry, Fish and Seafood. But recent studies of Wine lovers and their preferences have revealed that those old rules may be outmoded. Chefs and Hospitality School experts say, “Let the palate rule!”

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Hallowe’en 2017 Postmortem…

Kerrs Original Kisses - © 2017 Canadian Press

This is not really a food post, but an observation on changing realities in changing times. During the long periods between doorbell rings last night, wondering where all the kid were, I had the opportunity to reflect on how Hallowe’en – and Hallowe’en treats – have changed since I was a kid…

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Chinese Breed Low-Fat Pigs

The First Chinese Low-Fat Pigs - Detail - © Toby Talbot via AP

A group of Chinese researchers has come up with a new breed of swine that they say will both increase production of their nation’s favourite meat and make for healthier dining. Their low-fat pig is the product of genetic engineering, but most Chinese diners won’t care. No GMO stigma, there…

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