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Maylasian Eatery Charges Extra For Rudeness

We’ve already covered the cases of various restos, from all over the world, that have instituted novel policies to address common situtions. Now there’s word of an Asian eatery that adds a hefty surcharge to the bills of customers who are rude to the help…

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Burning Calories: It’s Like Clock Work

Your body clock regulates many aspects of your life, some you’re not even aware of, like what time of day you burn the most calories. American researchers have now determined that we burn more calories in the afternoon than in the morning…

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Ads vs. Reality: UPDATE

We’ve looked at this issue before, but, now, a non-food company has commissioned a formal study comparing consumers’ reactions to Fast Food ads and their reactions to similarly-staged photos of the real menu item. The divergence between some ad pix and real-product photos is astounding…

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Slow Cooking Without A Slow Cooker

It’s nothing new – in fact it’s something very old, and classic in European cuisines. ‘Slow cooking’ has been around for ages and there are good reasons for that. But it’s fallen out of popularity in recent decades for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the quest for convenience…

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‘Disgusting Food’ Museum Defies Imagination

Well… It defies mine, anyway, and I’m posting this story largely to show that ‘one man’s passion is another’s poison’. The question other Food News outlets are asking is, ‘Would you eat any of the stuff in the Disgusting Foods Museum?’ I’m asking, ‘Why would anybody eat this stuff?’

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‘First Job’ Now ‘Last Job’ For Many

McDonald’s used to advertise how proud it was that working in one of its restaurants was the first real job that so many teenagers landed. It still promotes its support programs and scholarships for young employees. But hiring seems to be trending toward the other end of the age scale…

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