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Give Thanks For The Harvest!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada – always the second Monday in October. Why not the same as the U.S.? My theory is, the annual harvest comes earlier up here. And it’s a nice break, almost in perfect synch with the series of Holiday weekends that we enjoy through the summer…

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Summer Staples: Potato Salad

One of the most iconic Summer Staples in my part of the world has always been Potato Salad. But ask cooks what Potato Salad should be, and you’ll get a wide range of opinions. I’m going to share my favourite recipe, and look at some of the more common variations I’ve encountered over the years…

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Valentine’s Day Specials Abound!

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, and it seems that no restaurant chain is letting the opportunity go unexploited. I’ve performed a quick, admittedly non-exhaustive survey of the big name joints and the Valentine’s Day specials they’re offering – which range from cute to campy to crazy!

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Does New Year’s Day = Game Day For You?

If you’re one of the millions in North America who equate New Year’s Day with Game Day, you almost certainly have your own traditions and routines that you love to follow. But I have some suggestions if you want to change things up a little on your snack and late dinner menus…

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Season’s Drinkings: Hot Cocoa

There’s more to Cocoa than Chocolate and Water. There’s fascinating history that goes back to around 500 BC and a host of regional traditions that have grown out of the global love of this flavour. For those of us who live in cold climes, it’s a tradition at Christmas and all winter!

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Season’s Drinkings: Around The World!

Today, we feature a handy guide to Christmas season beverages from all corners of the world. The rundown includes familiar drinks such as Swedish Glögg and Irish Cream, but the compilers also visited the traditions of places like Jamaica, Thailand, Lithuania and Chile!

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