Eastern Secrets: The Scallion Pancake

I’ll bet you’ve had – or at least seen – these scrumptious little Chinese Flatbread treats at an Asian restaurant at one time or another. If you haven’t, have you ever been missing out! Scallion pancakes are a rough equivalent in Chinese cuisine to Pita, Paratha or the New World Tortilla…

McWhopper Prototype - Key - © 2015 Burger King

McWhopper: Burger Mashup for Peace?

Burger King has kicked off a new promotional campaign – a partnership with arch-rival McDonald’s – designed to promote World Peace rather than either company’s wares. It’s a bit of a long story, and it even involves the United Nations. But it’s a good one and I’m going to tell it anyway…

Classic BBQ Pork Bao - Key - © gearpatrol.com

Eastern Secrets: Bao Buns for Everyone!

They’re a staple of Chinese and Southeast Asian menus and, at first sight (probably on a Dim Sum trolley), you probably told yourself there was no way you could make them at home. Well, there’s no magic involved. And they’ll open the the door to a whole new world of Asian culinary delights.

Thai Ingredients Key - © 2015 maggiejs.ca

Eastern Secrets: Capturing Thai Flavours!

One thing people ask me regularly (if not all that frequently) is, how can they get authentic Thai flavours in their home-made Asian dishes? The secret is simple: Start with the proper ingredients and make the effort to seek out a few special Thai components that scream ‘authentic’!

Bacon Grilled Cheese - © 2015 momwhoruns.com

Menu Madness: This Year’s New Fair Eats

It’s been about a year since we ran a series on ultra-nutty foods on offer at the Fall Fairs ’round and about, notably at the CNE in Toronto. Well…They’re out to top themselves in the nuttiness department this year with an artery-hardening parade of deep fried fare…

Maggie J’s Update: What’s new at Our Place?

Our recent post on why so many restaurants close so often, so soon after they open triggered a flood of inquiries about what we’re up to these days at Maggie J’s Contemporary Catering. Well, we’ve made some changes and now seems as good a time to trumpet them as any!

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