Everything Old Is New Again, And Again…

Laugaas Burger - © laugaas.is

Folks have long maintained that fads and trends run in cycles. Or, they liken the repetition of things people like to the swing of a pendulum. Whatever the mechanism, we’re seeing ever-smaller circles and ever-faster swings these days as Fast Food chains struggle to keep their menus ‘fresh’ and ‘exciting’…

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Fast Food Week!

The Arbynator - © via Twitter

This week, as you might expect, we have a whole parade of Holiday Menu ‘special’ announcements, not the least of which come from McDonalds, Chipotle’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. Arby’s, which recently bought BWW, is also reported to be testing something called The Arbynator…

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The Winter Classic: Chicken Soup!

Chicken Noodle Soup - Detail - © cookingclassy.com

When I was growing up, there was always one dish my mom fell back on for lunch in cold weather. I make it a little differently than she did, but I think mine is every bit as good as hers. And I get max value for my dollar out of the Chicken! It takes a little work, but there’s nothing else quite like it!

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