High-Protein Diet Bad For Older Men?

Red Wine and Fish - © netdna-cdn.com

We’ve heard a lot about the supposed benefits of a high-protein diet, and a number of pop-heath gurus have extolled it as a way to lengthen your life. But new evidence has arisen that, for middle-aged and older men, a high-protein diet may, in fact, increase the risk of heart failure and early death…

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Doughnuts: A Delicious History Lesson

Glazed Doughnut - © Lara Ferroni via Epicurious

We all know what a Doughnut is. But why is it called that? And where did it originate? And why do we love them so much? All these questions will be answered and the veils will be lifted from even more mysteries as we investigate the genesis and evolution of one of the world’s most beloved snacks…

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Grilling Literally Gets Under Your Skin

BBQ Smoke - © outdoorbbqchef.co.uk

The end of May is traditionally the beginning of Grilling Season, with the Victoria Day holiday in Canada and Memorial Day in the U.S. What better time to review a recent study that shows up a heretofore unsuspected danger of cooking over a fire? Hint: Always stand upwind of your grill!

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National Doughnut Day Is This Friday!

The Original Doughnut Dollie - 1918 - © unknown

This Friday, June 1, is officially National Doughnut Day in the U.S., and we should all be thinking of ways to celebrate – not to mention activities we can pursue during ‘run-up week’! Yes, all the big Doughnut chains will have specials and contests to mark the big day. We have the back story!

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Fast Food Week!

Starbucks Sippy Cup - 2018Chris Storer via Twitter

Here we are again… And this week, there’s news about OREO’s flavours to come, McDonald’s final decision on plastic versus paper straws, a questionable Starbuck’s alternative to straws, and a definitive policy statement from Starbuck’s on who can sit in their stores without buying anything…

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Delivery The New Craze After Delivering

Sitdown Restaurant Food - © ontariolive.com

This got past me entirely, but that’s not really surprising. I’m old enough to be a great grandmother (just!) and I don’t know any young mothers. But it seems that calling for take-out treats has become a new tradition for just-post-partum mothers. The question is, what are they ordering?

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