Juicing: The Pros And Cons

Grape Juice - Detail - © healthdigests.com

We’re told, almost daily, that Sugary beverages, like Soda, flavoured Milk and sweetened Tea and Coffee are bad for us. Excess Calories and the tendency – we’re recently advised – that eating sweets makes us want more sweets and savouries! There’s one kind of sweet beverage that we’re missing…

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Fast Food Week: Industry News Roundup

New Subway Logo - © 2017 Subway

Saturday, again, and it seems like only yesterday… Anyway, following, as usual, is our roundup of the top fast food sector reveals and announcements. Subway is trying to misdirect our attention from its cheapo sandwiches. And a special report on another official fail on the ‘Kids Lemonade Stand’ front.

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‘Do Us A Flavour’ 2017 Finalists!

Lays Thai Sweet Chili - © Lays Canada

The annual U.S. Lay’s ‘Do Us A Flavor’ Contest is moving into its final stages. And he company has released it’s three 2017 flavour finalists. In Canada, we do things a little differently, but the results are just as tasty. And there’s a Twitter campaign promoting their #WorldFlavourites selections…

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KFC Going ‘Pro’ in China?

K Pro Salad Bar - © sohu com

Yes, it’s true. KFC is launching a new restaurant chain China, one that boasts a ‘healthy’ menu very different from the ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ selection we’ve come to know and love here in the West. No Buckets or Double-Downs. And the familiar red-and-white colour scheme is nowhere to be seen…

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Kids Try 100 Years Of Instant Foods…

Quaker Oats Logo © 2017 Quaker

Believe it or not, ‘instant’ foods have been around for a hundred years, already. And you thought they were invented in your childhood, whenever that was! You Tube Channel Bon Appétit has posted a video of today’s pre-teens not only trying but preparing a century’s worth of instant foods…

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