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Here we are at the end of the snowiest week of this winter so far in the World’s Coldest Capital. And the major players in the Quick Service Resto (QSR) sector are bringing back something you loved before, or in recent marketing tests. I guess you could call it ‘Nostalgia Week’…

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Remember how Tang powdered Orange flavoured breakfast drink exploded in popularity in the 60s when it was disclosed that the General Foods product was used by American astronauts in space? You must be in your 60s, because the fad didn’t last long. I wonder how long will ‘Beanless’ Coffee last?

The Classic Croque Monsieur Sandwich - ©

If you want to know who your real friends are, ask everybody you know what they want for lunch on a snow day. You know, when you’re snowed in and either don’t have to go to work or school, or literally can’t get there. What’s your fave snow day lunch that can be made from stuff you have around the house?

Pizza Hut Large Pizza - © Pizza Hut

Here it is, Saturday again, and time to run down the top stories from the Fast Food universe over the past week. With Valentine’s Day looming, players are lining up to tout their specials. But today is National Pizza Day, so naturally we’ll lead with that!