Concerned Woman - ©

I just couldn’t pass this one up. A usually quiet residential neighbourhood in Krakow, Poland, buzzed with activity and speculation for a couple of days last week, after a resident called the SPCA there to report a strange animal apparently trapped up a tree outside her house.

OmniPork Spam - © 2021 OmniPork

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I first heard about the latest development in faux meat products: vegan SPAM. No, really. Not to lean too hard on an old joke, there are those who claim SPAM is already fake meat. But I’m talking about a new competitor for Beyond and Impossible…

McDs China Waygu Beef Sammy - © 2021 McDs China

A few noteworthy announcements from various chains this past week. But the real juicy content comes from abroad as DQ France and McD’s China (those wild and crazy guys!) reveal limited-time specials we all wish were available here, too. And Pringles adds yet another ‘unlikely’ new chip flavour…

Little Caesars Chicken Garlic Parm - © 2021 Little Caesar's

Way back when we started dedicating Saturdays to this Fast Food Week Post, we explained our rationale. From the questions I’ve been getting lately, it’s time for a refresher, and a primer for folks who’ve joined us since the original implementation of the feature… We’ve got the usual News, too!