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Yesterday, we looked at a selection of lesser-known Czechian mains and specialties – aside from the obvious Schnitzels, Roast Pork and Goulash. Today we’ll explore some signature Czechian breads and desserts. And Czechian Dumplings. Don’t forget the Dumplings – both savoury and sweet…

We get back on the road today with our culinary expedition, this time stopping over for a few meals in the Czech Republic. While it shares some well-known dishes with its Eastern European neighbours, it also boasts some spectacular creations of its own – especially some hearty, savoury soups!

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Its celebration week at Quiznos (a birthday), Chipotle (The Olympics), and Krispy Kreme (the Carnival Season). Meanwhile, Taco Bell apologizes for menu item ‘sell outs’, Long John Silver’s débuts Plant-based ‘Fish’, Post pops Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream – and a TikTok user discovers free Fast Food Fries!

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Yesterday, we surveyed some of the top Ukrainian national main dishes. Some were already familiar to most of us, while others shared a common heritage with similar dishes in other Eastern European cuisines. Today we’ll take a look at Ukraine’s signature breads and desserts…