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Cocoa: Both An Art And A Science

We here in Canada’s Capital woke up to a couple of inches / 3-4 cm of snow this morning, our first significant snowfall of the season. And, when I stuck my head out the front door to bring in the newspaper, the nip in the air made me think of… Cocoa!

Tim's Coffee Mug - © Tim Horton's

Horton’s Launches Kids’ Menu

Tim Horton’s Has had a tough couple of years, what with bad press from it’s lingering standoff with angry franchisees, plummeting brand popularity, slumping sales and tanking share prices. Now, it’s trying something new to rehabilitate the brand…

Best Before Date - ©

Food Bank Happy To Take ‘Old Food’

A Winnipeg Food Bank has made news with its assertion that, just because food has passed its best before date, doesn’t mean it’s not safe to eat. We’ve heard that before, but it bears repeating. And Winnipeg Harvest’s ‘old food’ policies are helping to feed thousands…

Resto Sign - Attitude - Detail - © 2017 Chuan Sim

Maylasian Eatery Charges Extra For Rudeness

We’ve already covered the cases of various restos, from all over the world, that have instituted novel policies to address common situtions. Now there’s word of an Asian eatery that adds a hefty surcharge to the bills of customers who are rude to the help…

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Burning Calories: It’s Like Clock Work

Your body clock regulates many aspects of your life, some you’re not even aware of, like what time of day you burn the most calories. American researchers have now determined that we burn more calories in the afternoon than in the morning…

Wild Turkey Close-up - © tpwd.state.tx

‘Vegan Pledge’ Aimed At Saving Turkeys

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that we take every opportunity to spotlight PETA promotions – many of which leave much to be desired in the ‘good taste’ department. But, now, the animal welfare group is trying something else for the holidays…

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