Fast Food Week!

It’s Easter, and April Fool’s, both on the same day, this weekend. Time for a special edition of Fast Food Week, featuring Easter specials and April Fool pranks. And, in the midst of all that, some genuine new menu announcements and something Starbuck’s Japan is billing as ‘White Coffee’…

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Fish Tips For Good Friday

Fish and Chips - Detail - ©

For those of the Christian Faith, this is Good Friday, which commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with worship services, prayer and traditional dietary observances – not the least of which is the serving of Fish for the main meal. I humbly offer my tips for making your fish come out perfect every time!

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Menu Madness: Or Is It Desperation?

Naked Breakfast Taco - Detail - © 2017 Taco Bell

We’ve had this discussion before, and it appears the time has come to reiterate the point: Fast Food sector players seem to have come to the point where they’ve given up trying to create truly innovative menu items and are simply recombining existing ingredients into downright silly new dishes…

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