Coffee May Enhance Longevity!

Elderly Coffee Lover - ©

We’ve heard many opinions and read of many studies on the effects of drinking coffee. And the experts are still divided on the benefits versus the risks. But, now, a new study from Spain suggests that ‘moderate’ Coffee consumption can help ‘healthy’ people live longer. That’s more like it!

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The Vicious Circle Of Caffeine

A new study by researchers at Cornell University suggests that coffee drinkers might be prey to a collection of effects associated with their ability to taste ‘sweet’. The researchers don’t go into what I’d call ‘collateral damage’, but I’ve realized that there could be dire dietary consequences!

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Summer Staples: Real Leomonade

Old Fashioned Lemonade - Detail - ©

What do you think of first when you think of summer drinks? If you said ‘Water’, you’re not shooting high enough. Beer? A Frozen Margarita? Yah! But still not the ultimate. And there are folks who don’t drink Alcohol… My nominee for the universal summer beverage is Lemonade!

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