The Latest Science On Carbs

Spaghetti Carbonara - Detail - ©

A war of opinions, over whether Carbohydrates are good or bad for you, has been raging for years in the western world. But the latest hard, scientific evidence about Carbs indicates that a final answer to the persistent question may be the one dictated by good old Common Sense…

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A Poutinerie In Putin Country!

Classic Poutine - Detail - © Wendy's Canada

That’s right. All jokes about Russian President Vladimir Poutin being one letter away from a dose of Gravy and Cheese Curds aside, two Moscow chefs have been bringing the joys of a Canadian culinary tradition to their countrymen for a year now, and have almost perfected the recipe…

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Fast Food Week!

Papa John Schnatter - © David Harpe - Courier Journal

That was one fast week, that just went by! But it wasn’t short on news from the Fast Food universe. Wendy’s and DQ are bringing back seasonal favourites to usher-in Fall, Pepsico is buying out a major competitor, and those 48-Nugget McBuckets you may have heard about – aren’t coming…

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Cooking With Bacon Fat – Do It!

Bacon Fat - ©

Not all the time, and definitely not with all foods. But, when you cook Bacon, save the Fat. Frying your breakfast Eggs and Potatoes in it will give them a whole new dimension of flavour and umami hit. There are other applications, too, not all of them involving frying, which may surprise you!

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