Chinese Breed Low-Fat Pigs

The First Chinese Low-Fat Pigs - Detail - © Toby Talbot via AP

A group of Chinese researchers has come up with a new breed of swine that they say will both increase production of their nation’s favourite meat and make for healthier dining. Their low-fat pig is the product of genetic engineering, but most Chinese diners won’t care. No GMO stigma, there…

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Fast Food Week!

Farmhouse King Ad - © 2017 Burger King

It’s the end of another busy week on the Fast Food scene. We’ve got menu item announcements from many of the major chains and a host of Hallowe’en specials that will scare your socks off. And one video blogger goes to great lengths to check McD’s Monopoly Game winner claims…

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The Best Way To Wash Your Fruit

Shiny Apple - ©

How do you clean an apple before biting into it? Researchers warn that simply polishing it on your shirt or a towel isn’t sufficient to ensure that you got the pesticide residues along with the dust and dirt. But they’re also suggesting a better way to wash fruit and produce before eating it.

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