New Year’s Eve!

Champagne Alive! - ©

Not much to say in this New Year’s Eve post. But I’ll be providing links to some of my most-requested Holiday posts of months and years gone by. The Bubbly tradition has migrated round the world since a Benedictine Monk named Dom Perignon perfected the Méthode Champagnoise.

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Fast Food Week!

Crispy Fish Sandwich - Final - © Arbys

The week between Christmas and New Years is traditionally quiet on the Food News front. But there’s always something to report. And this year, Church’s Chicken took advantage of the dignified silence from its competitors, took the stage for itself, and rolled out a major menu revamp!

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Okay! It’s a Maggie J’s Q&A!

Tea in Cup - Detal - ©

We’re trying something new, fresh and – we hope – exciting for you! ‘Changing it up’ is what I’m always recommending to you as the easy way to keep your to keep your family’s menus intriguing and and fresh. Now, I’m changing it up with the first every one-on-one Q&A with – Me! See you all tomorrow…

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