Happy 4th of July! Have another Hot Dog…

It’s the traditional thing to eat on the U.S. Inde- pendence Day holiday: The all-American Hot Dog. I’ve got a few DOs and DON’Ts for you that will make your holiday Frankfurters even better than before and celebrate the wondrous spectrum of cultures that have melded into the North American Mosaic.

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Fast Food Ads vs. Reality: Take II Plus!

Happy Sunday! Here’s a little weekend treat for you… No major decisions or heavy thinking required… Just kick back and enjoy this new take on the ‘Ads vs. Reality’ angle on Fast Food presentation. But take Note: There’s a new twist, here, on ‘having it your way’ at any burger joint!

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Soylent (Green?) Take II: Cardboard?

Soylent Shake - © refinery29.com

A nutty processed food promoter is apparently pushing its new solution to the future food crisis we’re all being warned about, repeatedly, these days. But, as we related in a previous post, the idea isn’t all that new and the name of the product must have been chosen with tongue firmly in cheek…

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