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I noticed, the other day, that the Super-Mega Store in my neighbourhood had quietly taken out its old-fashioned, human-staffed Express cashes and reinstalled Self-Check stations – which had been eliminated in a recent store makeover. Are we getting automation whether we like it or not?

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Have you been reacting to ever-increasing food prices the way I have? Going into deep denial and hoping they’ll just go away if we wait long enough? Well, it appears that food prices have a long way to rise, yet, before we see any relief – especially in places like Canada, which get WINTER.

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There’s a great article in this month’s National Geographic Magazine which no serious cook, let alone Foodie, should miss. It’s all about how the brain perceives the flavour of the foods you eat. But I also want to take the opportunity to clear up a rampant misuse of the English Language…