Oven Roasted Leg of Lamb - © insidecuisine.com

Easter Special: A Traditional Leg of Lamb

They’ve been flogging Hams really heavily in the supermarket flyers this Easter Season. They’ve hauled out the left-over Christmas / New Years Turkeys as well. But my choice for the centrepiece of the Easter Feast Day meal is more traditional: Leg of Lamb! And you just gotta try my marinade!

Mediterranean Mysteries: Moussaka

Here’s a dish that many non-Greeks think of first when they think of that colourful, food-loving culture. It’s Moussaka, and it’s a Greek national dish! The mystery, for me, is why most folks demure from making it at home. It’s another really easy, basic dish that just about everybody will love!

Astros' Chicken Waffele - © 2015 Houston Astros

Stadium Food Update: Waffle Cone Chicken!

It’s become a tradition, here at Maggie J’s Fab Food Blog, to take note of new developments in the Stadium Food Sphere. This specialty focus is linked to the greater sphere of Menu Desperation Madness. This time, we go to Texas for a taste of Chicken ‘n Waffles Nouveau…

An Official Big Mac - © McDonald's Restaurants

The MacDonald’s Burgers you never knew…

So… You thought you knew everything there was to know about McDonald’s food. You had all the burgers rated from ‘sated’ to hated’. You had them ranked against their counterparts from other fast food joints. But you probably haven’t even tried half of them yet!

KD & Ketchup - © aaronatlarge204 wordpress.com

Another Food Processing Industry Takeover!

There’s been another major takeover – of one processed food maker by another – in the U.S. But it’s more than that, because both of the U.S. giants involved are already major global players in the processed food sphere. Who’s behind the mega-merger and what does it mean for consumers?

Mediterranean Mysteries: Felafel

Here’s a dish no Lebanese family would be caught without at a festive supper table. Felafel is a really simple, really tasty and – if you dare to ‘think outside the fritter’ – an infinitely customizeable side that can elevate any meal from ‘same-old’ to ‘special’! And, in it’s most basic form, it’s vegan!

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