McChocolate Spuds - © McDonald's Japan

As I predicted a couple of years ago, when I inaugurated the ‘Menu Madness’ thread here at the FFB, things just keep getting nuttier and nuttier in the ultra-competitive fast Food Sector. Now, from McDonald’s in Japan – where many zany McTrends are born – it’s Chocolate Fries!

Tims & BK Merger - ©

Investors seem to have a sixth sense about restaurant brands that even restaurateurs don’t have. The Business Insider recently commented on an up-side of the “BK Buys Tim’s” story that hasn’t had a lot of play and gives the whole episode a very different complexion – if it comes to pass…

Welcome to Future Store - © Metro AG

I noticed, the other day, that the Super-Mega Store in my neighbourhood had quietly taken out its old-fashioned, human-staffed Express cashes and reinstalled Self-Check stations – which had been eliminated in a recent store makeover. Are we getting automation whether we like it or not?