Meat Counter Discovery: Beef ‘Fingers’!

Beef Fingers - ©

I know I’m usually on the backs of the Supermarkets for the ‘Dirty Tricks’ they use to get you to buy more, pay more for less product or buy products or brands you don’t really like… But this time I’m sharing a little discovery I’ve recently made which appears to be a win-win for all concerned…

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Doctors want Oz Ousted from Columbia Med!

Dr. Mehmet Oz - ©

You may have missed it. I almost did. But, since we’ve challenged the famous Dr. Oz in this space before, for his wild and crazy dietary ideas, I thought it proper that we follow up this latest turn in his high-profile story: Fellow Doctors at Columbia Medical School want him booted from the faculty…

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More McD’s News: All Day Breakfast?

The Iconic Egg McMuffin - © McDonald's Restaurants

We’ve been following the changes that McDonald’s has been proposing and testing in its menu and its ways of taking and filling orders. The latest chapter involves what some would call a major, landmark move: Making Breakfast available all day! This is one ‘update’ that McD’s hasn’t previously hinted at…

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