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$8 Cauliflower Just The Beginning for 2016

Have you been reacting to ever-increasing food prices the way I have? Going into deep denial and hoping they’ll just go away if we wait long enough? Well, it appears that food prices have a long way to rise, yet, before we see any relief – especially in places like Canada, which get WINTER.

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The Science of Flavour

There’s a great article in this month’s National Geographic Magazine which no serious cook, let alone Foodie, should miss. It’s all about how the brain perceives the flavour of the foods you eat. But I also want to take the opportunity to clear up a rampant misuse of the English Language…

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New Year’s Eve Champagne Cocktails!

Tired of the same old New Year’s toast? Plain old Champagne? It’s nice, and all… But I’ll bet you’ve caught yourself wondering, at least once, whether there’s something more out there in Bubbly Land. Well, there is! Prepare to enter the society of the Champagne Cocktail…

Subway Sub-serving: Not Just My Imagination!

Subway was taken to task by the Advertising Standards Council of Canada this past year for its commercials showing huge, overstuffed Lobster Subs. The trouble was, the real deal at the sandwich counter came up severely lacking in substance, by comparison. Bye-bye commercials!

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Leftover Rhapsody: New ‘Turkey Encores’

We all know that the sensible thing to do at Christmas would be to get a Turkey the right size for the crowd we’re feeding. But we all seem to end up with mounds of leftovers, anyway. In my ongoing quest to introduce new ‘Turkey Encore’ recipe ideas, I offer the following recently-tested options…

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Holiday Tips: Crispy Skin Every Time!

Is achieving crispy Skin on your Holiday Feast Turkey a hit-and-miss affair? Can’t seem to figure out why you sometimes get the result you want but, other times, get only yellow, rubbery Skin? There are some basic rules to ensure you’ll get beautiful, crispy, golden brown skin on the Bird every time!

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