Fear Not Those Leftover French Fries!

One of the questions people ask me regularly is, “How can I revive those leftover fries the day after?” No matter where they come from or how they were made, almost every Fry you’ll come across in a lifetime of Fast-Fooding will go limp and soggy within hours of purchase. But you can fix that!

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Canadiana: Cooking with the Wolfman!

Wild Blueberry Bannock - © cookingwiththewolfman.com

Here’s something you don’t see every day: An aboriginal-themed food truck, cruising the streets of Toronto during the Pan Am Games, with the goal of introducing visitors from across the hemisphere to some real, honest-to-goodness Canadian First Nations foods.But what kind of food is that, exactly?

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Junk Food can Hurt Your Brain

We’re all aware of the flood of studies and claims (some scientific and sound, some apocryphal) about ‘Junk Food’ that have burst upon the Internet in the past decade. It’s ruining our bodies and making us fat. Now, there’s new scientific evidence that Junk Food is actually making us stupider, too…

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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle… Re-grain?

One of the most environment-friendly things you can do is re-use something – or what’s left of it – after it has served its primary purpose. One of the most creative re-use programs I’ve seen yet, in the culinary world, is an initiative by the clever young beer lovers at regrained.com…

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Summer Staples: Marinade Magic!

Korean Bulgogi Beef Marinade - © mississippitokorea.com

Summer is the time most of us roll out the grill or smoker and get busy with some great cuts of meat! Grill Masters need to know what the Heck Marinade is and how it works? Once you get Marinades down, you’ll be able to work grillside magic on any food you choose to fire up!

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Summer Staples: Potato Salad!

Potato Salad - Key - © fresh.co.nz

I love this seasonal favourite almost as much as my mom’s Famous Chicken Salad! Like that Summer staple, my Potato Salad can be adapted to many menus and flavour themes. It’s inexpensive as well as quick and easy to prepare! Start thinking now about how you can make it your own!

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