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Benefits Of The Med Diet During Pregnancy

2018 may be remembered as the Year Of The Mediterranean Diet. We’ve been bombarded with anecdotal accounts of its healthfulness and almost weekly revelations in respected learned journals of new benefits associated with that eating regime. Now, we’re told that those benefits extend to the unborn…

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Fast Food Week!

Here’s what been in the news on the Fast Food Front this week… We’ve got word of notable Sandwich specials from Burger King and Buffalo Wild Wings, and dessert features from Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme, Burger King and Baskin Robbins…

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Revisiting and Rehabilitating The Infamous ‘5-Second Rule’

The debate over the so-called 5-Second Rule used to keep me awake nights. I grew up believing – from my own experience – that if you dropped something on the floor, it was okay to pick it up right away and eat it, just the same. The mess you made might be a bigger worry…

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Understanding The Potato

The apparent confusion among the masses about the healthfulness of Potatoes has come to light again with the publication, in the esteemed New York Times, of an assertion by Harvard Professor Eric Rimm that Potatoes are ‘starch bombs’.

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Aussie Plums On Stage For Weight Loss Trial

There’s a new Giant Plum out there and it’s got food science researchers in something of a tizzy – albeit a happy one – over prospects that its juice could help folks with weight retention tendencies lose the extra pounds. And it all revolves around a new Australian Plum…

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Few North Americans Metabolically Healthy

Your weight may be normal, and you may think you’re healthy. But researchers from the University of North Carolina warn that your inner workings may not be in such good shape. And that could increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes…

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