Fast Food Week!

Krispy Creme Nutella - © 2018 Krispy Creme

This week we have a slew of St. Patrick’s Day specials for you, interesting menu additions at overseas outlets from a couple of our fave franchises, and word of some yummy treats coming soon to celebrate Spring and Summer. Did we mention you can win Free Doughnuts for a year?

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More Bad News About Bottled Water

Drinking Bottled Water - Detail - ©

We’ve heard, previously, that Bottled Water may not be all it’s cracked up to be, and some ‘Spring Water’ may not actually be from a natural spring. But now, after extensive testing, researchers have discovered that the plastic bottle it comes in may be more dangerous than the Water itself…

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Are You Ready For Alcoholic Coke?

Coca Cola Logo - © Coca Cola Co.

Not yet for me, thanks. I’ll continue to mix my own cocktails – on the rare occasions I partake of cocktails. But in Japan, where they sell Alcoholic Drinks from vending machines, Coca Cola is preparing to test market a boozy beverage leveraging a traditional Japanese production method…

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Celebrate Pi(e) Day!

Pie Day Pie - ©

Yes… It’s both a mathematical and culinary day of celebration. March 14 (3/14) is the annual celebration of the infinite number, Pi (3.1415…) and the infinite possibilities of the Pie universe. All the major Pizza chains seem to be getting into the act. And bakeries are joining the party…

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