New Food Science Roundup

Apple Winecrisp 2 - © Baily Nurseries via

There’s been a cavalcade of developments this week in the Food Science Department. Herewith find the latest breakthroughs in the ongoing effort to breed better Corn, Tomatoes and Potatoes. And something new in Apples that promises to cut grower losses to disease and, maybe, lower prices…

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Keurig Coffee Gets Political…

Keurig Coffee Maker - © Keurig

Keurig – the company that invented the pod-based Coffee maker – recently withdrew its ads from the programs of a popular Fox News commentator. And conservative-right viewers have responded by posting videos of people ‘killing’ Keurigs – smashing machines and Coffee Pods with all sorts of ‘tools’…

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Pizza Facts You Never Knew

Pizza Perfection - ©

We’ve given a lot of space to the humble (?) Pizza in this blog and have even delved into the origins of the savoury Pie – as we knew them. But, now, I have been made privy to a storehouse of information about Pizza (via Instagram) and it turns out the eternal Pie is far older than most of us would guess…

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What’s Your ‘Vinotype’?

Red Wine and Fish - ©

We all know the classic food and Wine paring rules: Red Wines with with Red Meats, White Wines with Poultry, Fish and Seafood. But recent studies of Wine lovers and their preferences have revealed that those old rules may be outmoded. Chefs and Hospitality School experts say, “Let the palate rule!”

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