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As legal Cannabis edibles begin to infiltrate Canadian markets, we’re seeing a wide variety of new products infused with THC, the active ingredient. The problem is, where do we draw the line between novelty and ‘too much of a good thing’? And should some products not be infused at all?

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Agropur is a major Dairy cooperative operating across North America. Among their brands is the ancient and well-known Sealtest, a home kitchen staple for hundreds of thousands. Now, Agropur has issued a recall order for a number of pasteurized Milk products under a couple of brands…

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Mr. Peanut, the cane-twirling, salty old patriarch of Planter’s Nuts died suddenly yesterday while driving the Nutmobile. He was 104. According to passengers and longtime friends Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes, Peanut swerved to miss an armadillo crossing the road sending the Nutmobile over a cliff.