Mandarin Buffet - © Mandarin

The restaurant sector overall has been dealt a heavy blow by strict COVID-19 lock down regulations. Only recently have some restos – mainly chains that carried on through the lock down relying on take-out and delivery business – started re-opening, cautiously, for dine-in business. But what about Buffets?

Lab Mouse - ©

An international team of researchers working under the auspices of the US National Institute on Aging (NIA) say they’ve discovered a possible ‘magic bullet’ cure for obesity. They experimented on mice, but lab test results on mice often translate to treatments for humans…

Official Royal Scone - © Royal Yacht Britannia

The British Royal Family has been suffering through COVID-19 lock down just like all the rest of us – albeit in a country castle surrounded by servants and a personal Chef. Now, Mer Majesty has consented to share the Family’s famous Scone recipe, and it’s a great break from Banana Bread and Cookies!