New Tech Reduces Sugar By 40%

The Sugar Bowl - Friend or enemy? - © 2013 Maggie J's Catering

An Israeli company says it’s perfected a new technique to reduce the amount of Sugar in food products by 40 percent – while still delivering all the sweet flavour sweet-toothed consumers expect. This discovery promises both consumer health benefits and corporate cost reductions…

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Fast Food Week!

McDs French Toast McGriddle - © 2018 McDonalds

It’s that time, again: Time to review the biggest and best stories from the Fast Food sector for another week. Taco Bell Leads the way with a whole slew of announcements, McDonald’s ups its Breakfast ante, and Chipotle’s offers a big BOGO deal for cash-strapped students returning to school…

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New Findings About Salt

Sea Salt Spoon - ©

We’ve been hearing for years that too much Salt is bad for you, specifically for your heart. But doctors, nutritionists and other ‘experts’ have disagreed about how much is too much. Finally, a survey led by a team from McMaster University in Canada has come up with a conclusive answer…

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Giant Avocado Makes My Day!

Avozilla - © allygeorge111 via Instagram

Here in the Frozen North, where we joke that we have three months of summer and nine months of bad skiing, the Avocado is a cherished, relatively scarce reminder of kinder, gentler climates and an easier way of life. Imagine my joy to find that a new Giant Avocado has appeared, amping the love…

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