From The Files Of Doctor Obvious

Sugary Soda - ©

We’ve all seen the commercials featuring Captain Obvious, the spokes-character for Now, I’ve discovered there’s an equivalent sage in the food science arena who collects research studies that prove what we already knew. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Doctor Obvious…

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Fast Food Week!

The Crispy Colonel - © 2018 KFC

Here we go, cruising the main and dropping in at some of the biggest and most-loved Fast Food joints to find out what’s new. We have news from Costco and Kraft Heinz on the spread/condiment front, KFC, Burger King and Taco Bell on the Chicken front, and Cocoa Cola on the beverage front…

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Learn To Cook, Learn To Eat

Hands in Bowl - Detail - Anonymous

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve mentioned Home Economics class in high school to young people and they’ve given me back a blank stare. Life skills in general, and food preparation in particular, are not being taught in school, anymore, and that’s contributing to a generation of badly fed teens…

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